Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Right Wing Vs Paul Krugman and 9/11

Damn Liberals and their perverting of 9/11! Now where are my Freedom Fries.
  This should be common knowledge by now but man  the Right hates Paul Krugman. In case you aren't aware (maybe you've been under a few rocks or something) today happens to be the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman does a column for the New York Times entitled "Conscience of a Liberal" and it just so happens today he wrote this piece called "The Years of Shame". I didn't have a problem with it- given a tweet I made hours before it , but the Right-wing Blogosphere literally exploded with rage over this.

  I've read just about every Right-Wing tweet, blog post, and article about this but none of them seem to address anything he wrote. They only seem interested in name calling, demanding an apology and wanting the Times to suspend Krugman. This once again proves the Right can't handle the truth.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

LOL @ Michelle Malkin

I'd put something witty here, but this is a Michelle Malkin Tweet. I know I used that joke before, bite me. 
  When I first became aware of this the first thing that honestly popped in my head was "it's Soulja Boy, who cares?". The second thing that came to mind was a curiosity of how the Right wing would react, and thankfully they didn't disappoint. Seeing as I'm not a mindless tool, I have never heard the song causing such a stir among the media- and I don't plan to listen to it. The story goes like this, Soulja Boy recently released a song titled "Let's be real" and in it he rapped the following: "Fuck the FBI and the Army troops... fighting for what? Be your own man." Now needless to say, people were offended by these lyrics and chaos ensued. By chaos I mean an apology after a flood of complaints from military personnel and their families. Now the lyrics could have been better written but then again, he isn't a lyricist so I can understand if he completely bastardized the point he alleges he was trying to make. Can we go back to not caring about Soulja Boy now?

  Nope, because Michelle Malkin (read lunatic) decides this is the time to come after the Left by trying to tie this non-story together with the all too real story of the shooting that took place in Carson City Nevada which left 4 people dead including 2 National Guardsmen . The fact that she thinks these two things could even be remotely linked astounds me. It really does, at the time of this writing there's zero proof that this was a targeted attack on the National Guardsmen. They weren't in uniform, there were no real signs that these men were purposely picked because of their role in the Armed Forces and even less evidence that this guy was some radical Leftist Soulja Boy fan. By all accounts it seems as if it's just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My thoughts go out to the victims of this tragedy and I'm sorry some feel to use this as a tool to attack their political opponents. 

  Now I'll feel bad if I didn't acknowledge this, but Soulja Boy once 'beefed' with Ice-T, who also drew a large amount of Right Wing criticism after his song "Cop Killer". I know it's different but the links are closer than the ones Malkin is trying to connect. Just sayin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Tired of "Reverse Racism"

Charles and David Koch, don't ask why. 

   An interesting article was brought to my attention today, it's not really a new thing but I just felt the need to talk about it. According to a new Harvard study white people in America feel more discriminated against than Black people. I've heard this malarkey over and over and over again. I feel the need to shed a bit of light on "Reverse Racism". My first issue with "Reverse Racism" is that it doesn't exist, and you people (YOU PEOPLE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE?!) feel the need to whine over something that isn't real. Racism is racism regardless of the perpetrator's or the victim's ethnicity. Racism isn't just a White on Black thing, it's a "everyone like me" on "everyone not like me" thing and we all need to realize this. It's true that racism in America as a whole isn't at the epidemic levels it use to be but it isn't like that was hundreds of years ago and everything is just peachy for black people now.

  There are a lot of things I personally dislike about Affirmative Action but the thing that gets me the most is the notion that every moderately well off African-American individual is only moderately well off because of it. From President Obama, to Herman Cain, to Alan West there's this idiotic idea that these guys were handed everything and got to where they are because the system favors them. That they don't deserve what they have, they took high profile positions because of their skin and nothing more. More recently, since the release of Rick Perry's disastrous college grades, we have seen various Right Wing bloggers, pundits and personalities call for Obama's grades in hopes that they are horrible. Barack Obama went to Columbia and Harvard Law without being a "legacy student" and graduated  Magna Cum Laude. Because of those things I'm pretty sure his grades were fine, but why was this made into a talking point?  Because they don't think he deserved to go to these schools, because he's an outsider. Darker complexion guys with funny names get into prestigious schools with horrible grades everyday right?

   I mentioned this on twitter once or twice, but in case you didn't know- White women have benefited the most from Affirmative Action. Now that isn't a bad thing considering the gender wage gap is shrinking every year and that unemployment for that group is considerably lower than the national average around 6.1% while among Black men  it's 16.5%.  But why is it that despite this, white people still feel they suffer more discrimination? After numerous studies shown that employers will not hire "black sounding" names with the same resume as more common "white" names, after 'Mud People loans', Redlining, disproportional conviction rates, sentencing rates, and poverty rates why do they feel the most victimized? It's pretty simple, what you're feeling isn't discrimination or "reverse racism". What you happen to be feeling is known as  a loss of entitlement.

  You people see things as "oh Blacks and Mexicans and Asians and the Feminists are taking over because of programs that favor them". That's not it.  What's happening is they are getting more opportunities that at one point were strictly only reserved  for the White Protestant male. You're losing White privilege  and you project this as discrimination against you. All I can really say is, calm down.  People like you still pull all the strings and a lot of them are trying very hard to keep it that way.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teabagger Christine O'Donnell Runs From Piers Morgan Interview Over Gay Marriage Question.

  There is just so much fail concentrated into this 3 minute clip. The first being the fact that Piers Morgan still has a job, but that's a complaint for another day. When I saw the adverts for this interview on CNN earlier I couldn't help but wonder what would be the point of interviewing an anti-masturbation political failure such as Christine O'Donnell? (who is totally not a witch by the way). It turns out it was to promote her new book "Troublemaker: Let's Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again ", which currently sports around four obviously fake 5 star reviews and three 1 star reviews (expected to rise).

   Piers Morgan asked the anti-masturbation, non-witch about her stance on gay marriage and after she attempts to avoid the subject entirely Piers asked her why did she become so "weird" when the topic of gay marriage came up (which she was all too happy to go on about in her book). Fed up with the 'rude' British talk show host berating her, the courageous O'Donnell stood her ground and walked off stage. Well that's what Christine O'Donnell would like to think happened, what really followed her evasiveness about the topic was quite possibly the second most awkward CNN interview "walk off" involving a Conservative and a rude host of all time . (This being the first.) I mean the best parts were the 8 seconds of pure silence followed by her complaining she could have been at some obscure Conservatives women's thing( and sold 3 copies of her book) instead of being on national television. But by far the greatest part had to be the shadowy figure who I guess was her evil publicist or something.

  Now I have mixed feelings on this. You have to ask, was the question fair? Well of course it was.  She wrote about it, and she should be able to defend her views and express them clearly. But, Piers Morgan shouldn't have pressed on this one thing so hard. I would have been more interested in knowing what exactly she meant by "second American revolution".  Lastly, I believe a large portion of it was staged to gain more publicity. I mean if it didn't happen would anyone be talking about anti-masturbation non-witch Christine O'Donnell and her book? Of course not. I'm not saying Piers Morgan or CNN planned it but there's a possibility that Christine O'Donnell and her people planned for her to flip out and make a few headlines- any publicity is good, especially if you're an irrelevant political failure who everyone just forgot about. I apologize to all of the irrelevant political failures I might have offended.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MSNBC Makes Rick Perry Appear Racist.

  There are numerous reasons I don't watch Fox News, and a bulk of those reasons could be applied to why I refuse to watch MSNBC. I'm not a fan of massive propaganda outlets using deceptive techniques to misinform American audiences (unless I'm poking fun at their bias) as MSNBC did. Monday on his show, MSNBC's Ed Schultz aired a clip of Governor Perry speaking in Iowa, the clip ends with Perry saying "..that big black cloud hanging over America". Schultz then implies the phrase 'big black cloud' was a reference to President Obama- which it isn't. Rick Perry was actually referring the current debt, but if you watched that live without knowing the entire context you might take it as racist(and even that would require an enormous amount of reaching). 
  Is it really that hard to find questionable things on Rick Perry? This is the guy who appealed secessionists for votes.The same guy who is continuously cutting education funding in his state despite it being one of the worse academic preforming states in the nation, believes firmly in abstinence only education despite the fact his state leads the nation in teen pregnancy rates. Last but not least he used stimulus money to balance his state's budget despite being against it in the first place. Now I'm going to do something I never expected doing, give thanks to Andrew Breitbart for exposing this.

  For MSNBC to not only take his words severely out of context to make him appear racist, but then to come out and imply he's always been a racist despite him having no clear record of racism  is unacceptable and just plain hurtful. This immature, uncalled for attempt by this network to assassinate the character of Rick Perry also has a negative impact on those of us who have experienced and speak out against real racism that still exists today. MSNBC has just further cemented the idiotic mindset that many have about race relations. Not all, but many people seem have this idea that racism is a just a figment of bitter peoples imagination, that most claims today are made up and just another example of "race baiting". It's truly painful to see these things, especially seeing as  that time could have been used reporting on this. It also doesn't help that MSNBC recently hired Rev. Al Sharpton.  #FAIL

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Riots Influenced by Rap Music?

Promoting riots? How dare you PaRappa?
   You should know by now that I'm a glutton for punishment. In fact one could say I'm addicted to reading idiotic things written by painfully ignorant people. So imagine the joy on my face when I came across this little gem written by a Mr. Paul Routledge of The Mirror. Let's get into what makes this so great, Routledge writes: 
"The mayhem erupted overnight, but it has been building for years. And putting more police on the streets – while vital to end the threat to life and property – will not solve the crisis." 
  He's absolutely right about that honestly, this is an explosion of frustrations that have been building over time and finally released.   And an increased police presence could have disastrous results and not solve any of the problems that the most of the rioters want to address. Then Routledge loses me completely:
"I blame the pernicious culture of hatred around rap music, which glorifies violence and loathing of authority (especially the police but including parents), exalts trashy materialism and raves about drugs."
  Pause. I hate this often used yet largely false notion that "it's Rap music's (or porn, violent television, video games, movies, and so on) fault for all the violence out there." That's about as ignorant as bringing race into play, which he inadvertently did (note the images of the lone hooded youth and the courageous lighter toned- police officers). I'm not even trying to make it racial but look at the context for a moment. You ask "is rap music to blame" and show someone whom you deemed as most likely to listen to it, a hooded noticeably brownish youth. But media perception is an entirely different can of worms. Look I'm stopping right here because i actually agree with the last few sections of his post, the riots are not the way to go and there's no supporting the looting, at all. 

  The larger part of this tension does not come from music or violet video games, it's people who are fed up. The media is overlooking most of the reasons why this is happening, they try to make it seem as if it's only one issue (a black man getting shot) and it isn't. This is mainly an issue of class not race (there are white , black , and brown rioters) the people at the bottom are tired of being at the bottom. Why the media chooses to ignore the classist aspect behind this is beyond. I'm not conspiratorial at all, but the media downplaying the cuts to education and several other youth programs, the higher cost of living, and only focusing on one death seems a little weird to me. I'm a bit rusty. 

Catching Up On Lost Time: Debt Deal, Israel Protests, Angry Egyptians, and More.

Kanye West and Jay Z: Watch The Throne- Released 08/09/2011 Pretty cover, nice album.

   It's been awhile hasn't it? I need to get back on schedule but before I do, here's a rundown of somethings that I wanted to get to but couldn't over the last two weeks for whatever reasons. I'll try to be as brief with my points as possible.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Trial of the Norway Monster Act I: Enter the nutjob" Response

It's a shame really.  

   In the aftermath of the Norwegian twin attacks neoconservatives writers,pundits,and bloggers are not only pulling  the "we are being victimized by the evil Leftists!"card. They are also engaging in one of the most despicable practices possible, blaming the victims. Today I came across an article on the Human Events website (which claims to be 'leading conservative media since 1944') titled  "Trial of the Norway Monster, Act I: Enter the nutjob." Staff writer John Hayward does deserve a tiny bit of credit, unlike a large portion of the American media he calls this terrorist- a terrorist. Other than that  he comes off as a truly ignorant human being. That was pretty mean of me, but as you'll soon see it was warranted once we look at the garbage he's writing and the point he's attempting to make. Lets take a look.
"Consider how eager the global Left has been to give Breivik a seat at the table of civilized discourse after his bloody atrocities, because his self-identification as a “Christian conservative” makes him useful for bashing their enemies."
  You're absolutely right.  We of the  global Left are using this as an attempt to bash our enemies, you've caught us. He's not even really a Christian Conservative- he's a hobgoblin. All a Leftist conspiracy. Note he put Christian conservative in quotes.
"The BBC goes on to obligingly refer to Breivik as a “right-wing Christian extremist,” which is the same term most of the media uses for polite church-going middle-class types who don’t want their tax money used to fund abortions."
   Every time I read that portion I have this uncontrollable urge to plant my face firmly in my palms and shake my head. Firstly John, he is a right-wing Christian extremist, there is no denying that. His views seemingly align perfectly with a lot of your colleagues over there at Human Events ( See 'Jihad Watch') but more importantly, a lot of your readers also share Breivik's views on the 'growing Islamic threat'. Secondly, and undoubtedly the most insulting part, are the lies that the (Liberal) media labels polite middle class church goers as extremists and that taxes fund abortion. Those are false statements and I know you know they are. Unless your idea of "polite church going Christians" includes protesting outside abortion clinics with signs picturing dead fetuses, insulting sometimes even threatening those who choose to get an abortion, leaving hundred of death threats directed at doctors, bombing abortion clinics, or shooting doctors inside their own church- then maybe you have a point. Those people do get labeled "Christian extremists" because they are Christian extremists. They are using terror to push their belief that abortion is evil and those who have one are evil.
"The real madness is when governments refuse to admit they are ”at war” with terrorists. This is a consistent theme running through the Age of Terror. Declarations of war keep arriving on their doorsteps, only to be treated as junk mail. Breivik claims he had help pulling off the Oslo attacks, and at least two other cells of his terror network are still at large. How many cells have to slaughter how many innocents before they’re taken seriously as an “enemy” engaged in a 'war?'"
   Wait, what government says we aren't at war with terrorists? To my understanding this is "The War on Terrorism" era. If you're implying that the government doesn't take terrorism seriously, you're crazy. In some ways this is how the terrorists are winning, we are forced to sacrifice our freedoms for safety. What is your plan John? Do you want a total police state just because a few lunatics committed atrocious acts? Should the government enforce Orwellian policies because we are engaged in a "war?" 
"...The first cop to confront the heavily armed terrorist, Officer Trond Berntsen, was immediately shot dead, because he didn’t have a gun.  This gave the Monster of Norway enough time to gun down sixty-eight people, many of them teenage kids."
  Now if you've read that you'd think "Norwegian police don't carry guns so they are failures." If John cared to do his research, he'd know that Trond Berntsen was off-duty and working private security at the camp. If John cared to think rationally he'd know that it takes a severe amount of paranoia to bring a gun to a youth camp. If John Hayward knew that Trond Berntsen died shielding his son from this madman's bullets maybe he wouldn't have even written about his lack of a firearm.  I doubt John Hayward cares about that. John Hayward seems to believe that Trond Berntsen's irresponsibility (not being paranoid enough to carry a gun everywhere) enabled Breivik to kill sixty-eight people- including Trond Berntsen.
Sadly he continues to dig this ditch:
"...Who is more delusional: these guys or Anders Behring Breivik?  Which of them could more credibly be accused of not knowing what they are doing?  Who is going to study this incident more carefully, with an eye toward improving their performance: the Norwegian government, or the remaining terror cells?"
   I cut parts off to save space, basically he's blaming the police force for a slow response to the shooting. That would be a fair criticism only if you ignore the bombing in the Government district of Oslo. If the bombing never happened I'm sure the response would have been faster. Instead of blaming the cops on the slow response times examine why they were slow. This is nothing you can plan for, that's like complaining the U.S didn't intercept the other plane before it hit the Pentagon. I'm sure Norway will take the right steps to prevent this from happening again without having to enforce totalitarian policies like the PATRIOT act.

  John, this will go back to my earlier statement about your readers. I don't know if you read the discussion portion of your articles but if you do I hope you don't agree that:

"...The solution would be to ban immigration and deport aliens. The Norwegian politicians are therefore the real criminals and the truly insane. They should also be tried for crimes against humanity--allowing alien invasion and visa giving.This should be a wake up call for the people of Norway and all of Europe to amend their constitutions to allow binding superseding national referenda, so they can pass good laws themselves, due to the rampant corruption and/or insanity of their govts. They can ban immigration themselves since their criminal politicians won't. "
  What can I say? There's no such thing as Right-Wing Christian Extremists. No Conservatives think like Anders Behring Breivik. Elvis ain't do no drugs. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oslo Terrorist Attacks, Media Speculations, Then Media Silence?

I would have said something productive- but this is a Michelle Malkin tweet.

  On Friday, two heinous acts of terrorism were committed in Oslo, Norway. Beginning with a massive explosion in the Oslo government district and ending with a mass shooting spree at a youth camp. It is being reported as of now that as many as 87 people have been killed. This is not something you expect in Norway, so people(I use the term loosely) like Michelle Malkin and other Right leaning reporters, bloggers, pundits, and so on decided to jump the gun blame Muslims. Not extremists Muslims but Muslims all together, normally I wouldn't mind because these bigots in the press seem to love doing it but one thing struck a nerve with me. For a brief period, 'Muslim' was actually trending on Twitter.  

  Upon examining the tweets associated with the term I found they were mostly all along the lines of: 

This one being the most troubling:

  Oh but it gets a lot better, after it was becoming more and more apparent the attacks weren't carried out by an Islamic terrorist something funny happened in the world of cable news. The reports started getting shorter and shorter until it wasn't reported on anymore. The next time it was reported on CNN it was no longer dubbed a terrorist attack, but rather "a bombing and mass shooting". Well if that doesn't constitute as an act of terrorism- what does? I think Glenn Greenwald of Salon nailed it. 

  It's so disgusting that this happens. This is a lot more important then where Casey Anthony is, so where are the detailed T.V reports on this? Why aren't you broadcasting any of it after it was determined that this was not the doing of a Muslim but of the complete opposite? A Conservative Christian extremist is responsible for this and you know what, all of you need to denounce this lunatic. What? You don't like it do you? All Conservative Christians should denounce his actions and inform the world you don't agree with what he did. What?  Are you defending terrorism? I want every Christian Church from Norway to New York, Texas, Alaska, to the United Kingdom to say you don't side with this man's actions. 

  This doesn't upset me as a Muslim (because I'm not). This upsets me as a human being, we don't ask Bishops to say they don't agree with Christian mass murderers who attended their services. Why should an Imam be harassed by the media until he says he doesn't agree with the actions of an extremist who didn't even go to his Mosque?  Just because the culprit was not a Muslim does not make the situation any less serious. I'm calling on everyone to tweet and email CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News and tell them to cover this incident in the way it deserves to be covered on their networks. I'm also calling on you to tweet The New York Times,and make them apologize for speculating without credible reports. Tweet  Pamela Geller  and Michelle Malkin and tell them to denounce right wing extremism.  This double standard will not stand, and should not stand. That's Justdatruth. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mark Warner is a Joke.

Yeah, I kept it. 

  I'm going to tell you a little story. The year was 2002 and little KuntaJay was a fourth grader without a care in the world. Newly sworn in Governor Mark Warner visits my elementary school in central Virginia and gives my entire class an amazing speech in the cafeteria. You know the basic 'you guys are the future' stuff politicians usually tell to kids for whatever reasons. Now this may seem shocking but Mark Warner actually is the man who got me interested in politics and to a lesser extent journalism . You see after his speech little timid me walked up to then Governor Warner, thanked him for his appearance and told him "when I'm older I'll be sure to vote for you". As I mentioned in the past, the list of quotes I committed to remembering my entire life is pretty short and this one happens to be on that list. He shook my hand and said "Jahreal (what I went by at the time), when I'm older I expect to be voting for you." Then he reached for a copy of the Richmond Times Dispatch,signed it and gave it to me (To which I have since then lost). I thought "wow this is the coolest guy ever!"

  Flash forward six years, it's 2008 and KuntaJay is a little more grown up. High school Junior, planning his future and what not. He receives the above pictured campaign flyer in his mail, and gets excited. "Whoa, our moment, change, etc, etc,." Only problem is, he's 17- one year shy of the voting age.  So he calls all his friends, family in the area etc of voting age and told them "Obama/Biden Warner '08 let's make this happen." November 4th comes, everyone is watching for the election results. We all had on our Obama pins, our Warner pins, the posters,the shirts, the flags and so on. I cannot explain the emotions that were present as of around 10:00 p.m when it was announced, Virginia turned into a blue state.  Honestly speaking I was more happier that Warner won than I was when it came to Barack Obama.(Because of his words years prior.) 

  Now flash forward 6:00 a.m the next morning, I'm getting ready for school and watching my local ABC affiliate. Needless to say I heard something that got under my skin because the realities of politics was setting in. The words I heard were: "Newly Elected Senators including Mark Warner meet with Washington lobbyists.." I couldn't help but lose a bit of respect for him, I couldn't help but think "this guy is selling out and he isn't even in the Senate yet." It was a little troubling but I felt it wasn't a major alarm. Flash forward again, despite thousands of emails from this district and neighboring ones to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for those making $250,000 a year and once again to vote against extending the PATRIOT ACT. He votes yes to extend both of them, ignoring the same people who put him in that seat in the first place. 

  By that point I lost all faith in him and the Democratic Party as a whole, but it gets better. Come back to the present, Tuesday Barack Obama announced he supported a debt reduction plan wrote up by "The Gang Of Six"( a bi-partisan group of Senators containing Mark Warner). This plan is complete malarkey and for the good of the country, none of these men deserve another term in Congress. It's garbage, the plan is expected to gut social programs (medicaid, medicare, Social Security), raise taxes on the middle class and cut corporate taxes. Thankfully it has no hope of passing, but the principle of the thing is so slimy. It shows the priorities of both parties- protect the rich and screw the regular citizen. 

  It pains me to say this but, I refuse to honor my word. In 2014 Senator Warner will not be receiving my vote. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Herman Cain Supports Religious Discrimination

Of bigotry and hatred. 

   Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain supports the idea that communities should have the power to ban Mosques- Islamic houses of worship. I would say I'm surprised, but I'm not. I mean this is the same guy who said he'd make Muslims take a test to assure their loyalty to America. As strange as it sounds, I actually get where they're coming from. Unfortunately the place they are coming from is populated by morons, bigots, racists, and people who hate core American values. It's even shockingly anti-republican, if people acquire land legally they should have a right to do or build whatever they please on it as long as it's in accordance with the law. (HOAs suck.)

  On my street there's around seven Baptist churches and quite honestly I wouldn't mind if we cut that number down to about two. Seriously, there's a church that is across the street from another church and next to that church is another church. It makes driving on Sundays a huge hassle with all the traffic and lack of space in church parking lots. So, lets ban them right? No, regardless  how big of a pain in the ass it is to travel down the street on a Sunday it's still their right and they aren't breaking any laws or city codes for that matter. It's not even easy for me to rage at this because I see this all the time. Idiots who think "all Muslims hate America and want to apply Sharia Law". It's the product of ten years of fear mongering, lifetimes of deep rooted prejudices, and a stunning amount of xenophobia that makes the Red Scare look rational. I don't know how many times this needs to be said:
 We are at war with extremists who make up less than 1/16 of 0.5% of all Muslims. To say otherwise is for lack of a better word, stupid. Herman Cain and people like him should not be allowed to hold high offices.The fact that Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann are seen as legitimate presidential candidates is disgraceful to the entire GOP.  If you're gonna vote Republican- for God's sake vote Gary Johnson.

Great CNN Documentary: Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top Ten Jobs in a Far Right America.

  I noticed a lot of news sites would do bullshit top ten lists about random, unimportant things. At best these include, video games, fatty foods, "Ten things your girlfriend hates", "how to know if he's a keeper!",etc. Needless to say they are about as useful as your appendix.  Which is why I decided to give you a top ten list you can use in the upcoming few years while we move farther right under the guise of bipartisanship. Here are the Top Ten Jobs in a Republican's vision of America.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Absurdity Of A Balanced Budget Amendment

I'm so glad you asked.
    If you're anything like me, you're tired of Speaker Boehner's picture clogging up your twitter feed linking you to the same thing every three to ten minutes. You could see this and reply but, it's not like he's(by 'he' I mean  his staffer in charge of his tweets) is going to read it. So chances are, the only people who read your reply would be your 30 followers. I decided to go a completely different route, mostly because I still have trouble with the 140 characters or less thing, and reply here completely aware that there's even less of a chance someone would bring it to the speaker's attention. (I'm honest.) The URL in the tweet redirects to a blog post on the Speaker's website posted by Micheal Ricci which can be viewed here.

    Those of us who don't know the wording in which the purposed Balanced Budget Amendment contains, probably look at the name and think "what idiots would be opposed to a balanced budget!? Loony Libs!" So allow me to give you a little run down in the simplest terms possible. It would lead to an atmosphere where the middle class and the poor would suffer the most while the rich (excuse me, job creators) will most likely have to pull none of their weight. It would require massive cuts to helpful programs while making it harder to raise taxes but easier to lower them. Which isn't even good for business for in the long run because people would eventually be too broke to buy their products. But it's purely politics, it's all smoke and mirrors for the most part. Even top conservative economists like Norman Ornsein know that what they are purposing is utter garbage. 

"It is about the most irresponsible action imaginable...It would virtually ensure that an economic downturn would end up as a deep depression, by erasing any real ability of the government to pursue countercyclical fiscal policies and in fact demanding the opposite, at the worst possible time." - Norman Ornsien
  For the good of the country, we have to raise taxes (or at least close a lot of the loopholes). We can't continue to go on with this nonsensical notion that if the rich have less taxes it will create jobs. We need to make serious investments in our future, and we can't do that if we only focus on cutting programs that help the less fortunate who done nothing wrong, while rewarding those who caused this economic disaster in the first place with more money. A Balanced Budget Amendment would only rely on spending cuts to balance the budget. There would be no other option seeing as it would take a substantially large amount of congress to approve raising taxes to the minority with the majority of political influence. Then again you could always "eat your peas" America, if you can afford them.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Black People Have To Protect Obama Or They Are Sellouts?

Picture Courtesy of  Black Agenda Report
  I didn't expect the speak out against ignorant Blacks twice in such a short period, but this was too outrageous to pass up. Forgive me for being late, then again I don't really care enough about Tom Joyner to follow what he does. It was brought to my attention that on July 6th Tom Joyner published a letter primarily critical of Tavis Smiley, Cornel West and to a lesser extent Mark Halperin of Time magazine. Now if you're one of the 300 people who watch morning Joe on MSNBC (I kid.) a little while ago you were greeted with Mark Halperin calling the President a dick on national television. You can find the clip on youtube if you're interested. It's kind of funny I guess, but it was blown out of proportion in my opinion. In Tom Joyner's letter, he also lets this slide but decides to blame this on Tavis Smiley not being outraged and Cornel West being critical of Barack Obama. Things like this bum the hell out of me, not as an "Emo Progressive" but as a Black man. In his letter, Joyner says:
  I’m even more disgusted with Smiley and West, two brothers who I did have expectations of – and thought I knew. These two have done much worse than what Halperin has done because they set the tone for it, opened the door to it, and must take much of the blame for creating a climate that would make a white, professional journalist feel comfortable verbally and vulgarly attacking the first black president of the United States.”

  I'll get to that in a little bit, as mind blowing as that quote is, it gets worse. Take a look: 
...The Tavis that loved black people so much that he would sometimes, during his commentaries, be moved to tears. Where is that guy? You know, the guy that would have been telling me, ‘Fly Jock, Halperin has got to go.’ For a while, I thought he was still with us, even though people around me (and many of you) tried to convince me otherwise. ‘Tavis is a hater.’ ‘Tavis is only about himself.’ ‘Tavis is jealous of the president.’ I wouldn’t believe any of it. I had so much respect for him before his primary goal became selling books, and, later, selling out.”
 *Warning, graphic language ahead*

  What the fuck? You mean to tell me that as a Black man Tavis Smiley has an obligation to defend President Obama from the sightliest bit of name calling? (Unless he went "nigger nigger nigger" then maybe I'd give half a shit.) Not only that, it would seem that as Black Americans we have to defend Obama tooth and nail even when he's selling out Americans under the guise of bipartisanship. Don't get me wrong I'm all for speaking against someone who is insulting the President based on lies, and other nonsensical bullshit. But don't expect me to defend him just because of the color of his skin. As there should be no defending him on skin alone, there damn sure should be no one attacking him for it either.

  We should have a hell of a lot more pride and not allow his skin-tone to be used as a crutch for when he receives criticism for doing the wrong things. I'm tired of this "The white corporate media is evil! Obama is never wrong because he looks Black" idiotic, racist bullshit way of thinking. This pisses me only slightly more than the other point of view being "Obama looks Black so we must be against him!". I find this extremely insulting, how can you call Tavis Smiley a sellout for not being outraged at a non-issue? He's the fucking President, people have said a lot worse (myself included) about him. And yes, he is a bit of a dick (oh do I get immunity because I'm Black and called him a dick?) it's an utter shame that people like this have such a following. Speaking of which, Tavis Smiley is busy making money off of his the fuck what? You seem to be busy making racist comments and aiding in the continued media pushing of negative stereotypes in the Black community(Listen to his radio show you'll see what I mean.). Is that not considered selling out?

   I find it massively hypocritical of people like this to bash the "white corporate media" when they are a product of it. It pains me that these Black media pundits help reinforce the racist idea that all Black people view the President as an infallible demigod because of the color of his skin and not on his performance. I have no tolerance for racists, Black, European, Asian, whatever. I even hold Blacks to a higher standard than any other group, I like to believe we're much better than that. But hey what do I know, I'm just that Black Panther dude from 'I''m Gonna Git You Sucka'

Media Response: Kunta Jay's an Uncle Tom.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

"You Believe Everything The WHITE Owned Media Says Huh?"

I sure am.

    Let me get one thing out of the way, I'm not a fan of shorthand . If you're in charge of the public twitter page of a supposedly reputable source of African-American news and views, please don't type like an 8th grader. So long story short I got into a bit of a "Twitter-beef" (or is it tweet-war? I have no idea) with the person in charge of this page. My replies were a bit lengthy (spanning several tweets) so instead of cluttering this post with all of my replies I'm just going to type the complete thought out under the pictured tweet. This should be fine right? Lets watch as this debate of sorts get downgraded to one side shoving their fingers into their ears and yelling "NO YOU'RE WRONG, LALALALALALALA"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Should We Protect Accused Rapists?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn- he looks sad in that photo.
   In the midst of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal, the validity of the "perp walk" is being called into question. To which I can say, it's about damn time.(Not that I think DSK is innocent by any means.) This is something that has bothered me since I was around 15 or 16 and became more familiar with the concept of it. I think it's utter nonsense that this is allowed to happen in America, where we are supposedly innocent until proven guilty. For those of you who don't know what the "Perp Walk" is, it's the practice of taking an arrested suspect through a public place at some point after the arrest, creating an opportunity for the media to take photographs and video of the event.

  What this does is cast an aura of guilt around the suspect, and makes it harder for the defendant to get a fair trial. It's insanely ludicrous and shouldn't be tolerated at all. (Um, why did you single out rapists?) Well, accused rapists suffer the most  from the media. The media chastises those accused of rape and sexual assault the most. Plastering their names and pictures all over T.V, newspapers, and the internet. This often leads to the accused and their family being ostracized by their community and the press. I'm not one of those "curse those evil Feminazis!!" kind of guy, but one thing I learned from my experience with Feminism is that if an accused rapist is found innocent it's only because of "Rape Culture" or lack of evidence i.e a technicality. Meaning that they not innocent even after they were found innocent. I'm aware that sometimes the accused really isn't innocent, but let's not forget sometimes they really are. People need to understand, WE CAN'T CONVICT WTIHOUT SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. Enough people have been wrongfully convicted already, and I'm not a fan of throwing someone in prison for an extended amount of time (or executing them) on faulty evidence.   

  God/Allah/Yahweh/FSM help them if they are  falsely convicted, spending possibly decades in prison, most likely being disowned by their family and losing a massive portion of their lives for something they did not do. The media does not help this at all. Sensationalist media automatically presumes guilt or innocence and it should be unacceptable. For example, remember Jennifer Carol? She was the woman who ran away before her wedding and later falsely claimed she was kidnapped. For the longest time while searching for her people like Nancy Grace of CNN's sister network HLN continuously speculated her husband killed her.(To which he didn't.)

  I'm also against police blotters and any forms of public humiliation so yes, I'm consistent. Now the media would claim, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information, well then do the same for the accusers. You can't because it's not only distasteful, it's also illegal in some places. I'm not asking that you protect rapists and those convicted of violent crime. What I'm asking is you to wait until they actually are proven guilty until you go on a lengthy smear campaign saying how they are. But you won't do that, and no one will ever fight for them.

And then there's this asshole.
Note: I wrote this before the Casey Anthony verdict and HLN's 24 hour smear job of not just her, but her lawyers and even the jurors. Life's funny isn't it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty. Why She Should Capitalize.

People like this honesty make me lose faith in humanity.
  Thank God this is over, time to get to some real news like Senator David Vitter dancing! Anyway, she was found not guilty of her child's murder and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit happy. The evidence just wasn't there and no matter how much you huff and puff (Nancy Grace) she'll be a free woman. I have always been firm in my belief of protecting those accused of violent crime from media scrutiny and after seeing numerous hate filled news reports, tweets, status updates, and news article comments my stance is stronger than ever. Casey Anthony should stand as a testament to mainstream media failure. For the last six weeks while they covered this trial tirelessly, I've counted not just one, not two, not three, not four. but FIVE missing children who NEVER got air time. I guess they don't generate the ratings huh?

  That was time wasted, every major news agency should be appalled they dedicated so much airtime (3 years total) to smearing Casey Anthony and making the public want her head on a stake. When Casey's attorney J. Cheney Mason ripped the media, I loved it. I also loved how Nancy Grace was seemingly outraged by his comments because the truth hurts. You'd think Nancy Grace already has enough blood on her hands, but she continuously flamed Casey and insulted the jurors. I loved every minute of it, but what made it just perfect was Ms.Grace upset at the fact that Casey could profit heavily off of interviews, books, and movies. That was the cherry on top of this luscious irony sundae for one reason, it's Nancy Grace's fault that she'd be able to do it.

  If it wasn't was Nancy Grace and her cohorts, you know how many people would know who Casey Anthony is? ZERO. You know how many books she could have sold? Interviews she could have got paid 'licensing fees' for? Zero.  This is a monster you created, because you wanted to attack the accused and cast judgement before the trial. I hope she makes millions and can party until the day she dies because if she doesn't cash in on it, what is she going to do? You paraded her face on not only your crummy show, but brought it to every major news organization. You think ANYONE would hire her? She'd never be able to find work and to make things worse she will have to fear for her life everyday because of you. If anything happens to that young lady, it's all your fault.

  The media should not cover accusations, arrests, and trials. Only convictions should be reported on because that's when we know that person was found guilty by the State, the court of public opinion is invalid and immoral. To those people who have the nerve to say things like "the justice system has failed!" *warning, foul language ahead*  I want to personally say, Fuck you. The system fails when we put people away on shitty evidence, head strong persecutors, and lies. This is how it's suppose to work, and it should not be televised, or reported on. The public DOES NOT have a fucking right to know. For all those assholes who say they are  "outraged", it has nothing to do with you. Unless you're related to these people, your opinions don't fucking matter. Lastly, for those who are threatening this woman and her family- you're sick people. You need to reevaluate what's important in your life.

You sir, have renewed my faith in mankind.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Study Finds Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Fucked

Greatest income disparity since the Great Depression. "Job creators" celebrate by buying a third ferrari.

Cutting taxes creates jobs, they said. Subsidies to big corporations improve the economy, they said.

Yet, more than 11 years after the infamous Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, which were extended in 2010 along with an even greater cut to taxes on the inheritance of wealthy people, the exact opposite is happening.

Of course, this isn't surprising. Thinking people have been predicting this ever since the first coming of Ronald "let's use poor people as a biofuel" Reagan. CEO's don't use extra money from tax cuts to create jobs, they gamble with it on Wall Street, or let it collect dust and interest in a bank account where it may never see the light of day (or the economy) again.

A new article from Paul Wiseman of the Associated Press (Link to article) details how executives are having a grand old time, while you're sitting on your unemployed behind contemplating whether you really need that second kidney.

Some encouraging and heart-warming quotes from the article:

"A big chunk of the economy's gains has gone to investors in the form of higher corporate profits."

"Corporate profits are up by almost half since the recession ended in June 2009."

"And an Associated Press analysis found that the typical CEO of a major company earned $9 million last year, up a fourth from 2009."

"Driven by higher profits, the Dow Jones industrial average has staged a breathtaking 90 percent rally since bottoming at 6,547 on March 9, 2009. Those stock market gains go disproportionately to the wealthiest 10 percent of Americans, who own more than 80 percent of outstanding stock, according to an analysis by Edward Wolff, an economist at Bard College."

Imagine that.

Oh, and what about those dirty, stinky "lazy" poor people that keep whining about wanting to be able to afford food at the expense of "hard-working" wealthy Americans?


"Unemployment has never been so high — 9.1 percent — this long after any recession since World War II."

"The average worker's hourly wages, after accounting for inflation, were 1.6 percent lower in May than a year earlier."

"Higher-paying jobs in the private sector, the ones that pay roughly $19 to $31 an hour, made up 40 percent of the jobs lost from January 2008 to February 2010 but only 27 percent of the jobs created since then."

Sounds like we need to cut taxes again, and eliminate some more programs that prevent poor elderly folk from freezing to death in winter, or poor little kids from starving to death in the summer. After all, rich people might leave the country if we don't.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Cesspool – July 2nd, 2011

Don't despair Brad H, you're not the only Yahoo commenter without a clue.

In our second weekly installment of Saturday Cesspool, we trek deep into the thought-desert of the conservative mind, in search of the oft-rumored, but never-witnessed mythical creature the media likes to call “common sense.” Unfortunately much of this supposed “common” sense comes straight from ass of David Koch and into the mouths of uninformed, God-fearing, gun-hugging, racists who troll the land of Yahoo News Comments.

In an article about Obama stating that we should end tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, we find conservative idiocy on full, unabashed display:

Yahoo News Article

“Cut Foreign Aid including Illegal Immigrant Benefits...that will save us US Taxpayers Billions of Dollars!” – Fed Up American

Illegal immigrant benefits? If I would have known these people were getting benefits packages, I would have signed up to be an illegal immigrant years ago.

“Most normal Americans know you have to stop spending....that's the way we run our lives. The government is no different. Some things have got to go. Like the 47% of people who pay no income tax but still get a refund. FACT” – Mr Peck

You mean the 47% of Americans who don’t earn enough to be able to afford to pay income taxes? Yes, taxing the homeless, bankrupt, and terminally ill is an excellent idea. Maybe we can tax rats and cockroaches too, I heard they’re a bunch of no good freeloaders.

“How about this... everyone... EVERYONE... flat 15% tax outside of FICA. No loopholes, no write-offs, no massive deductions. 15% whether you make $25,000 a year or $250,000 a year.” – Always

While we’re at it, why don’t we just lower taxes to 0%? Maybe we can make poor people human sacrifices to keep our government running.

“when is obama going to be held accountable like an adult.and stop these stallin area attack tactics.” – Kenneth Milburn

Stallin area attack tactics? That sounds pretty badass. I’m not sure what it means, but I hope Obama tries it.

“Obama: ending tax breaks required to cut deficit NO !!! ENDING YOUR PRESIDENCY REQUIRED TO CUT DEFICIT" – 10-BUCK-2

Shit man, if electing a new President eliminates the debt, we should be fine in no time. After all, we elect a new one every 4 to 8 years. Prosperity, here we come!

“we need government to go back to the size it was in the 50s and 60s” – Michael

Yeah, let’s return to the size of government that only had to provide for between 150 and 180 million people, when our current population is a little over 300 million. That’s not a stupid idea at all, no sir. To be fair though, I wouldn’t mind going back to 50’s tax rates, which never fell below 90%. Fuck yeah!

“just quit spending.” – Robert

Just quit spending… how did we not realize it was that simple? Maybe we won’t have to pay people unemployment if we can just convince them to stop eating too. Or maybe we can stop paying sick people’s medical bills if they just stop breathing. Thanks for the tip, Robert.

“Ending this guy's reign of terror will be a huge start in getting our country headed in the RIGHT direction!” – Dodger51

Reign of terror? Only in America can a moderate, compromising, weak-ass centrist who advocates giving everyone access to health care and not cutting aid to poor people be accused of being on a reign of terror. This motherfucker needs to go visit some third world fascist dictatorships and get a dose of reality.

“Cut the government not the tax break. Haven't they been given enough of your/my money already? Wake up America!” – Sam

Yeah, let’s just cut the government completely. Anarchy is a completely viable form of government. Some kid with a mohawk and a spray paint can told me so.

“What would democrats do if they couldn't constantly perpetuate class warfare? Oh yeah, race warfare. They have those markets cornered.” – Steph

Right… Black people are responsible for slavery, and poor people are responsible for massive income disparity in America. In other news, Speaker Boehner introduces legislation scolding the Jews for working in concentration camps.

“Obama said he was going to reach across the Isle in 2008 hows that going for ?”

I’m not sure exactly which Isle you’re referring to. I don’t know if there are any small enough to make that physically possible.

“If you reelect this man, you are all greater fools than I feared. I'll even vote for Sarah Palin over this guy.” – Arch Magus L

This isn’t even the pot calling the kettle black. This is the pot calling the kettle a pot.

“if you want to make things even and equal for everyone then push your representatives to adopt the Fair Tax...” – Walt B

So true! It says fair right there in the name, so how could it not be?!?!

"Does OBAMANATION have everyone HYPNOTIZED? We seem do his every COMMAND...." - Think About It!

The President trying to get everyone to do what he wants? Unacceptable. Unbelievable. I am at a loss for words that don't start with "Un."

"no more AFFIRMATIVE ACTION presidents,,," – W

If affirmative action is the reason Obama is President, I'd like to know which government program is teaching dumbasses like you how to use computerator machines.

"Environmentalism hates people" - Hh

Entirely irrelevant. Also, I'm sure it only hates you. I read it on wikipedia.

"End obama's reign, remove the unconstitutionally positioned muslim implant" - PeoplePower

Unconstitutionally positioned muslim implant? There might be a really bad 50's sci-fi movie about that.

"Never forget, the Democrats have done this to us!" - Independent

Did you forget that you're supposed to be pretending to be an independent?

"There are so many excellent suggestions to improve this nation on this board alone and no one seems to listen !!" - Just Numb


Come back next week, when we interview long-time Yahoo News comment contributor, and current Ku Klux Klan grand imperial wizard, about his opinion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

FEC Rules that Colbert’s Super PAC Can’t Play with all the Other Super PACs

Sorry Colbert, you're just not as cool as Karl Rove and Sarah Palin.

Today, the FEC issued it's ruling on whether Stephen Colbert could form a Super PAC.

National Journal article

As the headline on many news outlets reads, the FEC ruled that Colbert is allowed to form his Super PAC. But there's a catch. A really fucking big, massively unfair, bullshit of epic proportions, nonsense catch, that makes Colbert's Super PAC essentially useless.

How is that possible? Well, the FEC also ruled that Colbert cannot play any materials or ads produced by his Super PAC outside of his 30 minute television show on Comedy Central.

In other words, the FEC basically just told Colbert, "We're going to let you form your Super PAC so the public doesn't think we're blatantly corrupt, but we're going to limit the shit out of what you can do. Have a nice day, sucker."

Colbert is already well within election law when he insults candidates and presents stories about them on his program. He doesn't need a Super PAC to do so. Just like other news stations don't need to a form a PAC every time they want to cover a story about Michele Bachmann making some asinine statement that contradicts accepted history.

Why is it that Karl Rove and Sarah Palin can both have Super PACs, and frequently appear on Fox News and other television programs plugging them; but Stephen Colbert, who arguably is at least an order of magnitude less connected to Washington politics than either of them, can't do anything outside of his talk show?

If Stephen Colbert could produce campaign ads and play them on other networks, who knows what he would do? He's unpredictable, and that scares the shit out of Washington. He might actually bring some transparency to the election, or he might just make a fool out of candidates by making a mockery of the whole campaign ad process. Hell, maybe he'd even be a unexpected champion of the interests of middle and lower class America.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, goes against everything the Supreme Court intended with its Citizens United case ruling.

What can we do? Nothing except to do our best to ignore all campaign ads this election cycle, and watch the Colbert Report instead (Full Episodes Available Online Here).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barack Obama Declares Class Warfare!?

"How dare he go after corporate jets and not planned parenthood...terrible president."

   The modern Republican mind never ceases to amaze me. I attempt (oh c'mon you don't even try!) to be somewhat of a moderate, but I find it to be harder and harder not to appear Liberal when the only Conservative views I see are purely idiotic. Trust me I'm not one of those left wing bloggers who purposely go out and look for Right-Wing absurdity. Fact is, there's just an abundance of Conservative lunacy and it's easy to find. I'm not a fan of the President (nor did I vote for him) but, seriously? Eliminating a tax break that only the richest of the rich get and that would cut $3 billion from the national debt is a bad thing? Excuse my French but, what fucking planet are you on?

  The less I say about The National Journal and Ron Fournier the better. Let's just say- I read multiple things from him, and it's all just a bunch of neoconservative fear mongering bullshit. But I respect him in that way I respect Neil Cavuto (And That's giving his work more credit than it deserves.) Now I realize that in the grand scheme of things, 3 billion dollars isn't much to fight over when it comes to deficit talks. But to say it's class warfare to kill off a perk that at least 311,650,780 people don't have and mostly likely will never have,  is insanely dishonest. It isn't class warfare, it's shared sacrifice (even though it's not even that big of a sacrifice for one side.)We're cutting things that will build a better 21st century America, while we watch jerk offs play fight over nonsense benefits that will send our nation back to the stone age.

  I remember walking out to the parking lot of my local Walmart in the late  Spring of 2010. Walking pass the rows of cars I noticed a bumper sticker that read "Liberalism is a disease", well if wanting your country to progress from continued  prosperity for a limited few to mass prosperity for the majority of the population  makes me a Liberal, I'm proud to be infected. Look there's nothing wrong with being Conservative, but there's a lot wrong with being a right wing lunatic who thinks ending a tax break on the elite is a bad thing while denying the youth (the real future job creators) a chance to get the tools to rebuild the country is good. Nazi propaganda at it's finest, and that's proof it works.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Off Your Ass If You Want To Live!

Osama might have lived longer if he got off his.

  Well, I'm off to good start right. Sitting here typing this probably shortened my life by a good 3 years. So, I saw this story today on CNN earlier,(a year after the fact) and according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, a few researchers studied and analyzed responses from questionnaires filled out by 123,216 people (53,440 of which being men and 69,776 of which women) who didn't have a history of disease. They were participating in the Cancer Prevention II study conducted by the American Cancer Society. The participants were followed for 14 years, from 1993 to 2006. The results of this study are brought about after adjusting for various risk factors not limited to, BMI and smoking. The data shockingly revealed that women who spent at least six hours a day sitting had a 37 percent increased risk of dying earlier versus those who spent less than three hours a day on their asses. For men the increased risk was only around 17 percent.

  Now, it should be noted that even a little exercise per day tended to lower the mortality risk tied to sitting on your bum all day. People who sat a lot and did not exercise at all, had an even higher mortality risk: 94 percent for women and 48 percent for men. (Wait, why is the rate for women so high? SEXIST!) Well, I'm not a scientist, doctor, sociologist- hell I'm barely a blogger. But I have a theory on that, on average women tend to live longer than men. So I'm guessing they compared the average lifespan of each of the sexes accordingly not taking in other factors such as income level, job duties, etc. I could be disastrously wrong, but as always I'm no expert.

  If you're like me, you probably don't think much about your own mortality. We have the luxury of living in great nations (judging by my current audience consisting mostly of Americans, Canadians, The Dutch, and Germans)  where we can spend absurdly long amounts of time sitting on our rears. Chances are we don't have to worry about people defecating in own water supply, or whether the next NATO strike will flatten our entire village. We take a lot for granted so for the love of God/Allah/Yahweh/The Flying Spaghetti Monster, get off your ass and get active man whether it be sports, dancing, attending an antiwar protest or going to a Tea Party rally. Just make sure you check back with me from time to time.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Cesspool – June 25th, 2011

Originality, motherfucker. Are you capable of it?

This post is part of a new weekly segment in which I travel 3.5 billion years into the past to closely examine the behavior of some of the most primitive forms of life on earth—the evidence of which lies intact in fully-fossilized form in the comments section of any given Yahoo News article.

Yahoo News comments are considered in some groups to be the asshole of American political discourse. This is a grossly inaccurate depiction of Yahoo News comments because while they share its revolting reputation, they serve nowhere near as useful a purpose.

This Saturday’s cesspool of choice is the comment section on an article about last night’s passing of a bill which allows same-sex marriage in New York.

“This country has gone to the dogs. Have we forgotten the bible and moral beliefs, no wonder the weather is getting crazier by the week. GOD does not like what he's seeing...” – TJ
Global climate change: a vast conspiracy spanning across the international scientific community and thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, God’s wrathful hatred of two consenting adults taking part in an institution designed to signify commitment: unquestioned fact. Historians mark June 25th in your calendars, it shall be known as the day logic died.
“gays sucks! literally!” – Retardo
Well, at least he chose an appropriate name before commenting.
“Its called pretending to be for the gays when its really to get the gay vote and probably a gay tax which I'm thinking should be much higher since gay people conciser themselves better and much more special than normal folks.” – INFO
Yes, this is the kind of deep political analysis that’s been lacking in the media over the past decade. Legislators clearly passed this bill so they can institute a gay tax (?), which should be much higher (than the already existing straight tax?) because gay people “conciser” themselves better and more special.
“that's why 2012 is coming....” – Idk
I hardly think passing a bill that allows gays to marry is the reason the year 2012 is coming. It’s a mathematically proven fact that 2012 follows 2011 when counting up.
“This is simple. I have nothing against gay people, but I don't agree with their lifestyle. If the Bible says it is wrong, and it does, then it is wrong. I am not judging because that is not my job. The Bible says it is wrong!!!!! Simple.” – Scott
Scott, I am glad that you have chosen the moral high road in choosing not to judge whether homosexuality is right or wrong. And I also agree that homosexuality is wrong, as the bible clearly says. I have nothing against you, I just don’t agree with your decision to display your idiocy in a public arena.
“I'm going to write a comment and the replie to it as many times as it takes to get to the most replied top!” – Caleb S
“Lolzzz crack brains are gathering , un-ethical, disreputable, immoral , non social act, now where are the rights of women. And Where is BIBLE.” – Dani
I thought he or she was calling gay people “crack brains” at first, but after reading this piss poor excuse for a sentence, I realized it was an invitation to join him/her at some sort of newfangled cocaine rally.
“Sign of the times. Come Lord Jesus. Come” – Whatsjust
[insert come/cum pun joke here]
“when will a dog and human be able to marry? father and daughter? they will be dancing in the streets then, too.” – Jack Spratt
To be fair, father-daughter marriage is already socially acceptable in some southern Christian communities. Sorry bro, you asked for it.
“My wife's vagina is worth so much less now.” – John D
I’m not entirely sure what point you’re trying to make, sir. In what way does the value of your wife’s vagina depend on the status of gay rights in New York?
“well folks this is the start of the END!” – Pink
Right, it is the start of the end of marriage discrimination.
“Look on the bright side. Gays cannot reproduce. Hahahahaha” – Me
What? They can't reproduce? They'll never survive! Wait...
“has lawmakers gone mad. now where's the essence of offspring?? .. great!! more recession from God.” – Freddieric
What? I thought it was poor people and unions that caused the recession. I’m never voting for God again.
“Just another reason To Boycott NY now” – Steve Knepper
Yes… please do
“Another nail in the coffin in the moral fabric of our society.” – Xnavy
Yes, I agree that moral fabric is the coffin of our society, and gay marriage is another nail in it. Wait, what the fuck are we talking about?
“grats, but who gets half of what you own?” – Nath
Both partners do… You do know what “half” means, right?
“Wrong is wrong” – Tommy
Agreed. I’m glad they have righted the wrong of denying gays the right to marry.
“Modern day Sodom & Gomora island.. take note guys...” – Joe Ampere
Honestly, I don’t know how much good taking notes is going to do for people in the event that God decides to destroy the entire city.
“what i dont understand is if we dont agree with homosexuality we are considered bigots.where is our freedom of choice?” – Alan B
Nobody said you don’t have the freedom to choose to be a bigot.
“And we wonder why Islamists think we are the great satan.” – Dale
Yes, we should definitely do our best to appease those who refer to us as “the great satan.” In other news, Kim Jong-il said he couldn't believe the United States allows people to love eachother.
“Truly a sad day for American morals, we are on a slippery slope, in freefall!!” – Jonathan
Yes, thanks to gay marriage we’re free falling down a slippery slope. Look, we’ve already lost touch of what the phrase “free falling” means and how you can’t do it on a slope, slippery or otherwise.
“this will finish what 9/11 started” – Starider Starider
Equating allowing gay marriage to a group of people (who sometimes like to stone homosexuals to death) flying airplanes into buildings. I think your comment just finished what years of cave-dwelling started (hint: you stupid).
“horrid & about protectin no harm to the fetus..screw the mom,, harder laws on immgrants........” – Lise
Protecting abortions? Screwing moms? Harder laws on “immgrants?” Sounds disturbingly kinky.

Come back next week, when we discuss whether Yahoo News comments were actually written in the year 2011, or if they are the daily musings of an 18th century southern white supremacist that have somehow found their way to the internet.