Monday, January 24, 2011


All you seem to do is whine all day you wasted like 30 minutes of my life in total telling me how bored you are I mean damn I can’t magically make your boredom go away then you act like you’re mad at me for not entertaining you..the fuck is that shit. You don’t even try to start a conversation, first shit you say “I’m bored” Cmon really?

Fuck selling out.

Yeah man fuck that. Who needs money anyway..sure I’ll be broke but atleast I’ll have my morals… Wait what? Fuck that! Gimme money. I’ll endorse the fuck out of shit. Damn my foot itches- where’s that tough actin tinactin number one killer of athletes foot. Oh there it is next to my bottle of Fiji Water, the purest water on Earth. :D 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's the big deal about porn?

Wow, a penis in a Wow two awesome. Wow a guy probably permanently offsetting another guy’s bowel movements…the fuck. Wow a midget fucking a horse… Anyway what’s so captivating about this shit? And it’s not like a big underground secret, porn is like a gazillion dollar industry and just about everything you can think of has some kind porn floating around..yes even Susan Boyle…ew. But like what’s the big deal pretty much everyone knows what porn is so why can’t a guy or girl look at porn without being labeled sick or perverted. I’m not even talking about fetish porn could simply just be a picture or a dick/pussy/ass or even just some boobs (female or male). Just the thought so someone with dirty pictures makes them out to be some kind of sexual misfit,well there are some pretty sick people out there but I’m not talking about them. No I’m talking about John Doe, you know him cool guy right. Let’s say John hasn’t had the best of luck with the ladies so maybe he enjoys some porn about once every few weeks or so. So John in all his figurative glory gets himself a girlfriend, they get pretty serious she moves in he forgets about all the porn he has on his computer he never even looks at it again right. So him an the girl date for around 7 or 8 months he let’s her use his computer she digs through it, finds his old porn and just throws the biggest of fits so she launches his computer out of the window and they break up. John being left lonely again decides he’s had enough and follows his computer out the window. The end. See generalization of people who look at pornographic images or videos can kill. Muhahah- anyway that’s not even a real argument, but the one that gets me the most is “it can corrupt the minds of children”. The fuck you thinking. How could seeing 2 consenting adults (other than the child’s parents of course) affect them. The dumbest shit is “it teaches boys women are no more than sexual objects”. Uhh what- No way in fact if parents talked openly to their children about sexuality and porn then just maybe a lot of these boys wouldn’t come up thinking that. I mean unless it’s like a home video or something, it’s the main source or income for some of these people yes people not just the women the men too. My saying is why stop someone from loving their job seriously if someone offered me $70,000 a year just to lay pipe in a few movies.. You can call me black Mario.(that was a plumber joke it’s ok you can laugh)

"What are you doing?"

You ever get tired of someone when you’re on the phone with them and they ask “What are you doing?” you reply “nothing” or “not much” and they refuse to take that for an answer. It’s always some shit like “You can’t be doing nothing” or “It sounds like you’re doing something”. Then the worse part is when you have a paranoid girl, cause for some reason I don’t know maybe I just attract them for some reason. They either think
1-I don’t want to talk to them.
2-I’ve lost interest and found another girl I’d rather talk to.
3-I’m mad at them. lol I don’t even get that one.
When the truth is, I’m a boring Individual. Shocking right? Nothing doesn’t mean I’m trying to push you away, it means I’m doing nothing worth mentioning like watching Tv, or laying in bed or staring at the sky with nothing on my mind. Don’t be mad it just happens, ain’t like you gonna call or text me or whatever and I’ma be all “BITCH LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE” I’m not like that lol.  Maybe I’ll get more into that in the future lol. But anyway it’s annoying. Honestly.