Saturday, January 8, 2011

"What are you doing?"

You ever get tired of someone when you’re on the phone with them and they ask “What are you doing?” you reply “nothing” or “not much” and they refuse to take that for an answer. It’s always some shit like “You can’t be doing nothing” or “It sounds like you’re doing something”. Then the worse part is when you have a paranoid girl, cause for some reason I don’t know maybe I just attract them for some reason. They either think
1-I don’t want to talk to them.
2-I’ve lost interest and found another girl I’d rather talk to.
3-I’m mad at them. lol I don’t even get that one.
When the truth is, I’m a boring Individual. Shocking right? Nothing doesn’t mean I’m trying to push you away, it means I’m doing nothing worth mentioning like watching Tv, or laying in bed or staring at the sky with nothing on my mind. Don’t be mad it just happens, ain’t like you gonna call or text me or whatever and I’ma be all “BITCH LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE” I’m not like that lol.  Maybe I’ll get more into that in the future lol. But anyway it’s annoying. Honestly.

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