Monday, March 21, 2011

AT&T To Buy T-Mobile.

TL;DR: AT&T is set to buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion, this would bring the number of Nation Wide US Cell-Phone carriers from 4 to 3. Basically it would reduce competition and if you're a T-Mobile subscriber it will most likely raise your bill and encourage you to buy a more expensive phone or cancel your contract. Smh. 
Soon we're going to be the only one. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAA!
 I don't know anything about anti-trust laws and my knowledge of Bell is very limited, so if you do know more maybe you can correct me here. So to my understanding, a few years ago the FCC broke up the Bell corporation because it was basically, a monopoly, out of that came a few companies referred to as "Baby Bells" of those companies most were bought by the New AT&T and Verizon. That's it, out of the 7 or so companies these two bought basically, all of them the exception being 1 or 2. Now my personal experience with something like this. Around 2 years ago I was an Alltel wireless customer, compared to other plans it was nothing to really complain about, around $90 a month for unlimited text pics and video messaging, 2000 shared minutes, unlimited web and email. Then Verizon purchased Alltel and informed us they wouldn't support our Alltel plan after a certain date. So we had 2 options, upgrade to a Verizon plan or terminate our contract and pay a heavy fee. The plan we have now, is far less reasonable. 500 text messages, plus unlimited M2M to other Verizon customers, picture and video(premium) messages around 0.25 for each. 900 shared minutes, unlimited email and web for Blackberry*,(now it's a Palm), and Android.(There's no opting out you have to have an individual data plan for every smartphone on your plan.) This comes in at an average of $185 a month, over twice the cost of our old Alltel plan with a better network but half the features with many being mandatory for no good reason. 
 A quote from the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, is possibly one of the greatest ones I ever come across. "When you live for others opinions, you are dead. I don't want to live thinking about how I'll be remembered." He's worth around $74 billion? The reason I bring this up is that his company owns around 90% of the home phones in Mexico, He crushed the competition and killed thousands of jobs,and his phone company is said to charge highest usage fees in the world. This probably won't happen seeing as we supposedly have laws against this kind of thing. I mean this is America right? There's no way one company could own an entire market, right?(Wrong)  Ok, fine. That doesn't even really count because radio has 3 mediums which it can broadcast, Airwaves, Satellite,and Internet. But this is where things get sketchy when it comes to phones, There are supposedly around 268 million landline phone subscribers in the United States, and of that, 140 million of those are Verizon. That is just, insane. This also raises the question, should corporations be allowed to control a large share of  a nations communications market? Well, I'm going to go buy a few walkie talkies, thanks for reading. 

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