Thursday, March 10, 2011

Redefining the N word.

"Nigga- (n) An individual who one may consider a friend, neighbor, classmate, etc." 
This seems to get lighter complexion human beings confused. I'll go on the record and say yes, you can use it. Keep in mind I don't speak for all Black people so just be careful. Personally, I don't see a problem with anyone using the word. Well there are obvious exceptions. The context has to be relevant. If you mean it in a hateful racist way, then you're just a lost cause and you should meet your maker soon. With that said, don't rush into it you have to proceed with ease. It's not really a cool thing to say in a professional environment, but if you're hanging out with your friends and someone calls and asked "whats up" feel free to repond "I'm just chillin with my niggas" just make sure you aren't the only white guy in the group. That could be kind of awkward. But hey if someone wants to hurt you over a word you meant no ill-feelings behind, they're insecure bastards.

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  1. I've been that only white guy. It was awkward. I was drunk, I didn't notice the two other white people were out smoking a fattie.