Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen Reform.

This is going to be a massively hate filled rant. I don't know where to begin other than to say, the system is fucked beyond belief. I repeat, F-U-C-K-E-D beyond belief. It's amazing, everyday there's a story on CNN or some other mainstream news network about stupid,useless, pointless, shit. I mean honestly, honestly, it's surfuckingreal. I don't give an ounce of a shit about the idiotic things a racist, 9-11 conspiracist, coke head cunt of a, for lack of a better word(no fuck that, he's a shallow womanizing, low life), actor. I'm not gonna go all "New world order" cause I don't believe that bullshit. But we all know why he makes headlines, it's a distraction. We could talk about the oil companies raising oil prices for no good reason but nah tiger blood is more important let's spend FUCKING 30 seconds on a spot talking about how high gas is. But Charlie Sheen? That fuck that he doesn't deserve that title which I'll get into soon enough. Let's give Charlie 2 fucking hours of our news program. I mean we have nothing better to talk about. Libya? Dirty Arabs who cares. Wisconsin getting fucked? No they don deserve too much coverage. Charlie Sheen called Jon Cryer a troll? OH FUCK YEAH! Dr.Drew talk about it! We need your celebrity rehab expert analyzation, plus we're giving you a show so let's plug that as much as possible. But by all means, it makes sense. Why don't they address who pays our congressmen and our senators, because the same fucks that buy our politicians provide our media. This isn't even a crackpot theory it's a fucking fact. What's the best way to get a return on your money? Buy the politicians. How else can you get a $300 million return on a $2 million investment? Only thing is that investment is also known as a "campaign contribution" you know what it is, we all fucking know what it is. It's a bribe. I mean think about it. Your average senator only gets under 200k a year from us. But it's fine I mean who can live on only $174,000 a year. It's inhuman. How can we possibly expect our senators to be middle class. If you didn't get the sarcasm there, I'm sorry. You know what happens after a senator does a company's bidding for a few years? He gets a job, usually with a multi-million dollar salary with the company he helped by, you know, voting down some useless bill that would help the lower income families, pfft fuck em. Some bill that would have given his bosses more regulation so they couldn't basically scam possibly even poison the American people. The EPA? Yeah we don't need them making sure companies are on the up and up. The worse the fucking worse and this takes the fucking cake. Our weapons companies would lose a lot of money if we didn't give the military shit they openly said they don't need. Blasphemy! We need to spend millions maintaining submarines we never use. The nerve of you to fucking think other wise. We don't need a smarter population let's keep them stupid so we can rob them fucking blind. The greatest investment ever. Billions individually trillions as a whole. Big business successfully robbed every single one of us blind. This is possibly the greatest heist, ever. We NEED campaign finance reform if we don't this bullshit will never stop and our nation will be no more. The United States of America. A subdivision of Boeing. See you in the fields my niggas. $0.29 an hour working the fields of our supreme banking overlords. You can live with that right? Right?

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