Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jesse Lee Peterson, Martin Luther King Jr., Labor Unions, Fox News, and Old Money.

Sorry for how lengthy this post is, but I'm not providing a TL;DR version. 
So apparently the day before yesterday, Fox News' favorite Token Black, Jesse Lee Peterson, was on with air with Fox anchor Neil Cavuto. A man that I might not agree with but have a huge amount of respect for, when you get time I suggest you read more about him, he is a very interesting human being. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Rev. Peterson and Mr.Cavuto were discussing protests in Ohio and Wisconsin.

I love this guy man. Seriously, he's been pushing that book since late 2003, come on Jesse, write another. I'm not even going to get into the absurdity of all his views with great detail I'm focusing on the one at hand for right now. To say Dr.King is turning over in his grave over worker's protesting to keep their rights, is asinine. Firstly, on December 11th, 1961 while speaking to the AFL-CIO, King clearly said-
"Negroes in the United States read the history of labor and find it mirrors their own experience. We are confronted by powerful forces telling us to rely on the goodwill and understanding of those who profit by exploiting us. They deplore our discontent, they resent our will to organize, so that we may guarantee that humanity will prevail and equality will be exacted. They are shocked that action organizations, sit-ins, civil disobedience and protests are becoming our everyday tools, just as strikes, demonstrations and union organization became yours to insure that bargaining power genuinely existed on both sides of the table.
"We want to rely upon the goodwill of those who oppose us. Indeed, we have brought forward the method of nonviolence to give an example of unilateral goodwill in an effort to evoke it in those who have not yet felt it in their hearts. But we know that if we are not simultaneously organizing our strength we will have no means to move forward. If we do not advance, the crushing burden of centuries of neglect and economic deprivation will destroy our will, our spirits and our hope. In this way, labor's historic tradition of moving forward to create vital people as consumers and citizens has become our own tradition, and for the same reasons."
 Now, excuse my French but, how the fuck would you think he wouldn't be supportive of public workers defending their rights? Not clear enough? How about this: The man was assassinated while supporting an African-American sanitation worker strike in Memphis Tennessee. (SO CLEARLY IT WAS ABOUT RACE RIGHT?) Wrong Jesse you're 40 million times wrong. For example, lets look at the night before he was murdered. April 3,1968; Dr. King gave his last speech titled "I've Been To The MountainTop" In which he said- 
"Now, what does all of this mean in this great period of history? It means that we've got to stay together. We've got to stay together and maintain unity. You know, whenever Pharaoh wanted to prolong the period of slavery in Egypt, he had a favorite, favorite formula for doing it. What was that? He kept the slaves fighting among themselves. But whenever the slaves get together, something happens in Pharaoh's court, and he cannot hold the slaves in slavery. When the slaves get together, that's the beginning of getting out of slavery. Now let us maintain unity.

Secondly, let us keep the issues where they are. The issue is injustice. The issue is the refusal of Memphis to be fair and honest in its dealings with its public servants, who happen to be sanitation workers. Now, we've got to keep attention on that. That's always the problem with a little violence. You know what happened the other day, and the press dealt only with the window-breaking. I read the articles. They very seldom got around to mentioning the fact that one thousand, three hundred sanitation workers are on strike, and that Memphis is not being fair to them, and that Mayor Loeb is in dire need of a doctor. They didn't get around to that.

Now we're going to march again, and we've got to march again, in order to put the issue where it is supposed to be -- and force everybody to see that there are thirteen hundred of God's children here suffering, sometimes going hungry, going through dark and dreary nights wondering how this thing is going to come out. That's the issue. And we've got to say to the nation: We know how it's coming out. For when people get caught up with that which is right and they are willing to sacrifice for it, there is no stopping point short of victory."
The key here is, Jesse, Jesse, please understand. In fact not just Jesse, but all Black republicans. Hell all republicans today need to realize this. At the time he died, Martin Luther King Jr, was a republican sure, but you know what the FBI thought? They thought he was a communist. I'm not even going to get into how much the party has changed in the last 50 years. All we have to do is look at the 1856 slogan of the republican party, "free labor, free land, free men." By today's standards that would be considered a liberal view point. Free labor referring to not being a slave. Free land referring to one plantation owner not being able to buy all the good farm land leaving the poorer farmers with the scraps.( OMG! Regulation? ._.) And finally the most important, Free men, free men refers every man having the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. It's amazing how a party basically founded on the theory of giving all Americans the chance to make it, now works it's hardest to make sure Old money, stays Old money. What makes it more sad is, we have a news network that is against the original Republican ideals which no one should be against. But there's a difference between right-wing politics and classic Republican ideologies. But as I said countless times before, Old money has a far greater influence than new money. Especially when new money is almost impossible to be established because of the massive power we continue to allow Old money to have.
"Oh Billy, you may have more new money, but you don't have the prestige I have."
Food for thought:  "The Rockefeller family's estimated net worth of $1 billion in the 1930s grew to $8.5 billion by 2000. In 60 years, four of the richest families in the United States increased their combined $2–$4 billion in 1937 to $38 billion without holding large shares in emerging industries."
As always, I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Autistic Boy Saves Family From Fire, But Dies.

From: CNN

This is an amazing story. It sort of tugs at the heart strings you know? Alex Swigart, a 12-year-old boy with autism, smelled smoke in his Arizona home in the middle of the night. He went into his parents room and awoken his dad. Something along the lines of "Dad, I think I smell smoke." And the father,by what is hopefully some freak occurrence, got everyone out safely except the 12 year-old autistic boy. He told the local news:
"I realized at the time he wasn't there. By the time I got back up on the porch, fire engulfed the living room. I ran around the side of the house. I tried to go inside. I had four Border Patrol men grab me and drag me back to the road. They wouldn't let me go back inside. I yelled inside the window and I heard him say, "Daddy I can't breathe!" 
My heart goes out to the entire community effected by this. Don't even get the wrong idea, the father had nothing to do with it. What most likely happened was, the little guy got disorientated and ran back into his father's room. The father is in no way responsible for this freak occurrence and I'm sure it's tearing him up inside. I'm usually the cold hearted bastard but this takes the cake. Some kid on the Gamefaqs forum.  Something about this may seem entirely plausible, but it only works if him and his father were the only ones in the house, and they weren't. Now for the hard question, would I have been more attentive to my son with autism or my girlfriend in the event of a fire? Hell if I know. There was probably a lot of smoke, but with that said, if I wasn't in full on panic mode, I'd try to make sure I was behind both of them. Sad story all around man. Just another example of how short life can be.