Friday, May 20, 2011

Dead Teen's Mother Sues Four Loko.

Hide yo kids.

The story goes, 15 year old, Bo Rupp of Centreville, Va, purchased a Four Loko from a convience store after a country rock concert. His parents say Rupp didn’t know the drink would make him intoxicated. (Why was he even able to get a hold of it?) Now there are two versions of what happened after he drunk the Four Loko. The first says, after leaving the event, he sat down in the middle of a dark road and was struck by a sport-utility vehicle.... Tragic. Now the second version says, she actually went to the event to pick him up, he then jumped from the car and ran into the street and well- got hit by an SUV.  Now, Four Loko says the drink was intended for people over the age of 21 which is correct, no one under the legal drinking age is able to buy them. 
Now don't get me wrong, what happened to this boy was certainly terrible but this goes back to the old argument-  you can't blame the gun manufacturer for the murder. Why was this teenage boy able to even purchase an alcoholic drink? And what's with the double standard? If this was an adult who got hit by a car while he was drunk we'd say it was a sad story and the guy was a complete idiot. How is this marketed to teens anymore than any other beer or wine cooler? This lawsuit is crazy and I'm sorry to say this but, this isn't going to bring your kid back and it makes you look like you're trying to profit off of this. Just drop this lawsuit and perhaps join an organization that rallies against teenage drinking. 
My condolences.


  1. how'd he even get it?
    did the person who sold it to him not know it was alcoholic, because it does kinda just look like an energy drink

  2. She is jumping on the anti-4Loko movement. I really hate these morons. My son was drinking underage and bought booze illegally from a convienance store, therefor the manufacturer is at fault! This is worse than the gun argument, at least guns are designed to kill. This is just people killing themselves and looking to blame something.

  3. This is ridiculous. You can overdose off of water. Then what would you do? Sue God?

    Omg...sue God. GENIUS!

  4. 4loko is the awesome although it tastes like s%#&. It says contains alcohol on the label, so thats a bunch of BS

  5. i dare you to take the four loko challenge

  6. I have to agree, it goes back to the saying "Guns dont kill people. People kill people!"