Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The PlayStation Network is down... again.

I can't remember the last time I even used my PSP GO, but the cheapskate in me saw the headline "Free PSP games in Sony's welcome back package" So I decided to of course, check this out. Having not used my PSP for a number of months, I had to update it. So when that was finished I picked up my PSP and proceeded to the Playstation store to which of course greeted me with (80550460) and subsequently signed me out. This lead me to of course Google, which helped me to the find out that the PSN Sign-in is offline due to new security loophole that can reset passwords using just the date of birth and email address i.e, the information that was stolen in the first attack of PSN users. Which of course means even if the user has logged in after the restart to create a new password, that password is pretty much useless. Well, I'm going back to my Xbox. Later.


  1. Bunch of idiots @ PlayStation. Let them hire a guy who can fix this problems by good security :P

  2. this whole hack just sucks for everybody

  3. this PSN is a pain in the ass... :(

    Also, following.