Thursday, June 30, 2011

FEC Rules that Colbert’s Super PAC Can’t Play with all the Other Super PACs

Sorry Colbert, you're just not as cool as Karl Rove and Sarah Palin.

Today, the FEC issued it's ruling on whether Stephen Colbert could form a Super PAC.

National Journal article

As the headline on many news outlets reads, the FEC ruled that Colbert is allowed to form his Super PAC. But there's a catch. A really fucking big, massively unfair, bullshit of epic proportions, nonsense catch, that makes Colbert's Super PAC essentially useless.

How is that possible? Well, the FEC also ruled that Colbert cannot play any materials or ads produced by his Super PAC outside of his 30 minute television show on Comedy Central.

In other words, the FEC basically just told Colbert, "We're going to let you form your Super PAC so the public doesn't think we're blatantly corrupt, but we're going to limit the shit out of what you can do. Have a nice day, sucker."

Colbert is already well within election law when he insults candidates and presents stories about them on his program. He doesn't need a Super PAC to do so. Just like other news stations don't need to a form a PAC every time they want to cover a story about Michele Bachmann making some asinine statement that contradicts accepted history.

Why is it that Karl Rove and Sarah Palin can both have Super PACs, and frequently appear on Fox News and other television programs plugging them; but Stephen Colbert, who arguably is at least an order of magnitude less connected to Washington politics than either of them, can't do anything outside of his talk show?

If Stephen Colbert could produce campaign ads and play them on other networks, who knows what he would do? He's unpredictable, and that scares the shit out of Washington. He might actually bring some transparency to the election, or he might just make a fool out of candidates by making a mockery of the whole campaign ad process. Hell, maybe he'd even be a unexpected champion of the interests of middle and lower class America.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, goes against everything the Supreme Court intended with its Citizens United case ruling.

What can we do? Nothing except to do our best to ignore all campaign ads this election cycle, and watch the Colbert Report instead (Full Episodes Available Online Here).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barack Obama Declares Class Warfare!?

"How dare he go after corporate jets and not planned parenthood...terrible president."

   The modern Republican mind never ceases to amaze me. I attempt (oh c'mon you don't even try!) to be somewhat of a moderate, but I find it to be harder and harder not to appear Liberal when the only Conservative views I see are purely idiotic. Trust me I'm not one of those left wing bloggers who purposely go out and look for Right-Wing absurdity. Fact is, there's just an abundance of Conservative lunacy and it's easy to find. I'm not a fan of the President (nor did I vote for him) but, seriously? Eliminating a tax break that only the richest of the rich get and that would cut $3 billion from the national debt is a bad thing? Excuse my French but, what fucking planet are you on?

  The less I say about The National Journal and Ron Fournier the better. Let's just say- I read multiple things from him, and it's all just a bunch of neoconservative fear mongering bullshit. But I respect him in that way I respect Neil Cavuto (And That's giving his work more credit than it deserves.) Now I realize that in the grand scheme of things, 3 billion dollars isn't much to fight over when it comes to deficit talks. But to say it's class warfare to kill off a perk that at least 311,650,780 people don't have and mostly likely will never have,  is insanely dishonest. It isn't class warfare, it's shared sacrifice (even though it's not even that big of a sacrifice for one side.)We're cutting things that will build a better 21st century America, while we watch jerk offs play fight over nonsense benefits that will send our nation back to the stone age.

  I remember walking out to the parking lot of my local Walmart in the late  Spring of 2010. Walking pass the rows of cars I noticed a bumper sticker that read "Liberalism is a disease", well if wanting your country to progress from continued  prosperity for a limited few to mass prosperity for the majority of the population  makes me a Liberal, I'm proud to be infected. Look there's nothing wrong with being Conservative, but there's a lot wrong with being a right wing lunatic who thinks ending a tax break on the elite is a bad thing while denying the youth (the real future job creators) a chance to get the tools to rebuild the country is good. Nazi propaganda at it's finest, and that's proof it works.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Off Your Ass If You Want To Live!

Osama might have lived longer if he got off his.

  Well, I'm off to good start right. Sitting here typing this probably shortened my life by a good 3 years. So, I saw this story today on CNN earlier,(a year after the fact) and according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, a few researchers studied and analyzed responses from questionnaires filled out by 123,216 people (53,440 of which being men and 69,776 of which women) who didn't have a history of disease. They were participating in the Cancer Prevention II study conducted by the American Cancer Society. The participants were followed for 14 years, from 1993 to 2006. The results of this study are brought about after adjusting for various risk factors not limited to, BMI and smoking. The data shockingly revealed that women who spent at least six hours a day sitting had a 37 percent increased risk of dying earlier versus those who spent less than three hours a day on their asses. For men the increased risk was only around 17 percent.

  Now, it should be noted that even a little exercise per day tended to lower the mortality risk tied to sitting on your bum all day. People who sat a lot and did not exercise at all, had an even higher mortality risk: 94 percent for women and 48 percent for men. (Wait, why is the rate for women so high? SEXIST!) Well, I'm not a scientist, doctor, sociologist- hell I'm barely a blogger. But I have a theory on that, on average women tend to live longer than men. So I'm guessing they compared the average lifespan of each of the sexes accordingly not taking in other factors such as income level, job duties, etc. I could be disastrously wrong, but as always I'm no expert.

  If you're like me, you probably don't think much about your own mortality. We have the luxury of living in great nations (judging by my current audience consisting mostly of Americans, Canadians, The Dutch, and Germans)  where we can spend absurdly long amounts of time sitting on our rears. Chances are we don't have to worry about people defecating in own water supply, or whether the next NATO strike will flatten our entire village. We take a lot for granted so for the love of God/Allah/Yahweh/The Flying Spaghetti Monster, get off your ass and get active man whether it be sports, dancing, attending an antiwar protest or going to a Tea Party rally. Just make sure you check back with me from time to time.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Cesspool – June 25th, 2011

Originality, motherfucker. Are you capable of it?

This post is part of a new weekly segment in which I travel 3.5 billion years into the past to closely examine the behavior of some of the most primitive forms of life on earth—the evidence of which lies intact in fully-fossilized form in the comments section of any given Yahoo News article.

Yahoo News comments are considered in some groups to be the asshole of American political discourse. This is a grossly inaccurate depiction of Yahoo News comments because while they share its revolting reputation, they serve nowhere near as useful a purpose.

This Saturday’s cesspool of choice is the comment section on an article about last night’s passing of a bill which allows same-sex marriage in New York.

“This country has gone to the dogs. Have we forgotten the bible and moral beliefs, no wonder the weather is getting crazier by the week. GOD does not like what he's seeing...” – TJ
Global climate change: a vast conspiracy spanning across the international scientific community and thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, God’s wrathful hatred of two consenting adults taking part in an institution designed to signify commitment: unquestioned fact. Historians mark June 25th in your calendars, it shall be known as the day logic died.
“gays sucks! literally!” – Retardo
Well, at least he chose an appropriate name before commenting.
“Its called pretending to be for the gays when its really to get the gay vote and probably a gay tax which I'm thinking should be much higher since gay people conciser themselves better and much more special than normal folks.” – INFO
Yes, this is the kind of deep political analysis that’s been lacking in the media over the past decade. Legislators clearly passed this bill so they can institute a gay tax (?), which should be much higher (than the already existing straight tax?) because gay people “conciser” themselves better and more special.
“that's why 2012 is coming....” – Idk
I hardly think passing a bill that allows gays to marry is the reason the year 2012 is coming. It’s a mathematically proven fact that 2012 follows 2011 when counting up.
“This is simple. I have nothing against gay people, but I don't agree with their lifestyle. If the Bible says it is wrong, and it does, then it is wrong. I am not judging because that is not my job. The Bible says it is wrong!!!!! Simple.” – Scott
Scott, I am glad that you have chosen the moral high road in choosing not to judge whether homosexuality is right or wrong. And I also agree that homosexuality is wrong, as the bible clearly says. I have nothing against you, I just don’t agree with your decision to display your idiocy in a public arena.
“I'm going to write a comment and the replie to it as many times as it takes to get to the most replied top!” – Caleb S
“Lolzzz crack brains are gathering , un-ethical, disreputable, immoral , non social act, now where are the rights of women. And Where is BIBLE.” – Dani
I thought he or she was calling gay people “crack brains” at first, but after reading this piss poor excuse for a sentence, I realized it was an invitation to join him/her at some sort of newfangled cocaine rally.
“Sign of the times. Come Lord Jesus. Come” – Whatsjust
[insert come/cum pun joke here]
“when will a dog and human be able to marry? father and daughter? they will be dancing in the streets then, too.” – Jack Spratt
To be fair, father-daughter marriage is already socially acceptable in some southern Christian communities. Sorry bro, you asked for it.
“My wife's vagina is worth so much less now.” – John D
I’m not entirely sure what point you’re trying to make, sir. In what way does the value of your wife’s vagina depend on the status of gay rights in New York?
“well folks this is the start of the END!” – Pink
Right, it is the start of the end of marriage discrimination.
“Look on the bright side. Gays cannot reproduce. Hahahahaha” – Me
What? They can't reproduce? They'll never survive! Wait...
“has lawmakers gone mad. now where's the essence of offspring?? .. great!! more recession from God.” – Freddieric
What? I thought it was poor people and unions that caused the recession. I’m never voting for God again.
“Just another reason To Boycott NY now” – Steve Knepper
Yes… please do
“Another nail in the coffin in the moral fabric of our society.” – Xnavy
Yes, I agree that moral fabric is the coffin of our society, and gay marriage is another nail in it. Wait, what the fuck are we talking about?
“grats, but who gets half of what you own?” – Nath
Both partners do… You do know what “half” means, right?
“Wrong is wrong” – Tommy
Agreed. I’m glad they have righted the wrong of denying gays the right to marry.
“Modern day Sodom & Gomora island.. take note guys...” – Joe Ampere
Honestly, I don’t know how much good taking notes is going to do for people in the event that God decides to destroy the entire city.
“what i dont understand is if we dont agree with homosexuality we are considered bigots.where is our freedom of choice?” – Alan B
Nobody said you don’t have the freedom to choose to be a bigot.
“And we wonder why Islamists think we are the great satan.” – Dale
Yes, we should definitely do our best to appease those who refer to us as “the great satan.” In other news, Kim Jong-il said he couldn't believe the United States allows people to love eachother.
“Truly a sad day for American morals, we are on a slippery slope, in freefall!!” – Jonathan
Yes, thanks to gay marriage we’re free falling down a slippery slope. Look, we’ve already lost touch of what the phrase “free falling” means and how you can’t do it on a slope, slippery or otherwise.
“this will finish what 9/11 started” – Starider Starider
Equating allowing gay marriage to a group of people (who sometimes like to stone homosexuals to death) flying airplanes into buildings. I think your comment just finished what years of cave-dwelling started (hint: you stupid).
“horrid & about protectin no harm to the fetus..screw the mom,, harder laws on immgrants........” – Lise
Protecting abortions? Screwing moms? Harder laws on “immgrants?” Sounds disturbingly kinky.

Come back next week, when we discuss whether Yahoo News comments were actually written in the year 2011, or if they are the daily musings of an 18th century southern white supremacist that have somehow found their way to the internet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man Robs Bank of One Dollar to Get Health Care, Coca-Cola Gives Less Than One Fuck

James Richard Verone, the new face of America™ Land of the Free®

On June 9th, a man named James Richard Verone robbed a Gaston, North Carolina bank of $1, so that he could receive desperately needed medical treatment in prison.

The man, a 17 year Coca-Cola delivery driver, was laid off by the company because of the “economic downturn.” Verone’s medical condition deteriorated to the point that he was unable to maintain steady employment, and therefore unable to pay for treatment. According to a Beverage World article, Coca Cola has been cutting thousands of jobs over the last 10 years.
“In 2000, the company laid off about 5,200 people. About 1,750 of the cuts came in the U.S. Then, in 2003, Coca-Cola meshed the operations of three separate business units in North America: Coca-Cola North America, The Minute Maid Co. and the soda fountain business. The company dropped 1,700 jobs in the United States.

Coca-Cola trimmed its U.S. workforce by 1,500 jobs in 2008 and 2009. Coca-Cola has outsourced jobs in information technology for several years, and did the same with its security force in 2009. It is currently holding many positions open instead of hiring new employees, although it is not in an official hiring freeze.”
It appears that Coca-Cola has done its fair share of suffering as a result of the current economic recession, but it is not so.

According to an Atlanta Business Chronicle article, “Coca-Cola profit skyrockets 73 percent in 2010.” The company made a reported $35.1 billion in net revenue in the year. The official Coca-Cola 2010 annual report states that the company achieved “Strong worldwide volume growth of 6% in the quarter and 5% for the full year.” Volume growth in the United States was estimated to be at 8%.

According to, Coca-Cola executive salaries steadily increased from 2007 to 2009; though, admittedly, 2009 bonuses are listed as $0. Coca-Cola co. executive Muhtar Kent’s total compensation in 2007 was $11,596,984. According to AFL-CIO, his 2010 compensation was $24,782,017.

That’s an increase of $13,185,033, enough to hire 397 more workers at Coca-Cola’s median salary of $33,190 per year. And that’s just the increase in compensation of a single executive.

Coca-Cola is selling more product. Its consumer base is expanding. Executive compensation is increasing. Yet the company is laying off workers. What gives?

Both sides of the increasingly narrow political “aisle” are advocating corporate tax cuts, and very few officials, if any, are advocating tax increases. When businesses make more money, they hire more people, goes the uninformed argument.

But the truth is, they simply fucking do not. We’ve seen a repeating pattern of executives pocketing the difference across the board. Executives aren’t concerned about jobs any more. In the past, jobs were a means to an end, and that end was greater profits. Now corporations are finding ways to increase profits by cutting jobs rather than creating more, and profit-motive always trumps concern for the unemployed. The “invisible hand” of the free market is guiding corporations towards the greatest profits for the lowest number of employees.

Welcome to the new America: where talk of raising taxes so slightly that they still aren’t even close to those under Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt (94% on the highest income bracket) or Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower (90% on the highest income bracket), is summarily rejected by politicians in both parties with a pathetic, manufactured, mock outrage at the very idea.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ryan Dunn VS Roger Ebert.

It's on? 
  Twitter seems to be erupting (kind of) over famed film critic Roger Ebert's tweet about the late Ryan Dunn of "Jackass". Shortly after news broke of Dunn's demise Ebert tweeted "Friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive." Which brought in tons of backlash after Perez Hilton blogged it out on his website and even resulted in the temporary banning of Ebert's Facebook page . Now I have a few thoughts on this after reading hundreds of angry tweets and Facebook comments. Firstly, how ironic is it that Perez Hilton (legendary "bully" of celebs) is calling someone insensitive. Don't even get me started on the insignificant Bam Magera.(Can you tell I'm not a fan?)  To make it worse tons of Perez' readers agreed with Ebert encouraging him to address his tweet again.
  Now, I also agree with Roger Ebert. Drunk driving kills tons of people a year and it's an insanely stupid thing to do. When I see Ryan Dunn's "fans" try to defend this act I get sick to my stomach. I've read multiple tweets saying Roger Ebert should apologize to which if I was Ebert, I'd personally tell them to fuck off. But hey that's just me and I'm a huge douche anyway. Ebert has already apologized but has that stopped the dumb asses from hating? No. That's not even the shocking part, celebs get hate all the time, for whatever reasons. What's shocking is how many people are call Ryan Dunn a hero. Yeah, if you consider Ryan Dunn your hero, you're in dire need a psyche evaluation. The guy's claim to fame is that he shoved a toy up his colon. Let's be real. 
Seriously? One of the greatest men on T.V?
 I guess it's just a sign of the times. Where perhaps one of the most intelligent men in the country is being insulted because of something he said about a glorified clown- something that makes sense. "But he made me laugh! He's such an icon!" The fuck outta here. I have nothing against him, but c'mon, he's not a hero , an icon or an artist. R.I.P Ryan Dunn, another proud recipient of the Darwin Award. Ok, calm down, he would have loved  Dark humor. I think it's insulting to his memory that his "fans" are behaving like this. He deserves better. 
  Ryan Dunn Death Photos. It's ok, I can admit I'm a horrible person. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Is the Gay Community Scapegoating The Blacks For Acceptance?

No, just no.
 Now as a completely heterosexual young Black male growing up in a more socially liberal environment, without being exposed to loads of superficial religious bigotry I don't have any problems with homosexuality and I support gay marriage. But comparing the current American Gay rights movement to the Civil Rights Era movement seems massively insulting to me. You can't get married and yeah it sucks but stop comparing the two on the flimsiest details. I mean if anything Muslim is the new Black, I mean hell Muslims and Mexicans are the only two groups these days you can insult out right without much of a backlash.

  But I digress, so yesterday I witnessed an unusual conversation that made me quite conflicted. You see neither side was completely wrong or right, and both brought up good points that I never really thought about before. We're all familiar with what happened to Tracy Morgan (What can I say, I never liked the guy before  and he's really uncomfortable to watch. I might just rant about that soon.) and this was the basis of the debate between the two parties. It started with the whole "the Black community is historically homophobic" which in itself is a gross generalization, then again I have Black bias and once again I grew up in what could be considered surprisingly accepting semi-southern Black community. This conception was challenged by another individual who brought up something that continuously pisses me off about the main stream media. Now I'm mostly ad-libbing but his point mainly was;
"What makes Tracy Morgan any worse than a Religious leader or anti-gay politician, why was the media so concerned with what he said and not them? If anything they should take him less seriously." 

  The obvious reason seemingly being the color of his skin. Going off topic for a bit, in my post about now former Congressman Weiner I mention CNN got under my skin quite constantly that week. Honestly I don't like dealing with racism and I tend to try not to use the word racist unless I feel it's not going to belittle the word so I decided not to talk too much about it but this seems to be the right time for me. CNN only ran this story once to my knowledge and it was not on their website, but I had this sick feeling as if someone should have been punished for this. You see early on Thursday June 9th I believe, CNN morning anchor Kyra Phillips and one of their hopefully under utilized reporters were discussing musician Flava Flav's new book where he details his cocaine addiction and the absurd amount of money he spent on that addiction. Now usually when dealing with the likes of Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, or practically any famous person with a drug addiction they would bring on a doctor to discuss the problems and severity of addiction. Did they do that with Flav? No. A million times no. Instead they decided to vilify him and they made two absurd graphics, one listing how many gallons of gas could have been bought with the money he blew on drugs and another about how many families he could have fed with the money he blew on drugs. Then Kyra Phillips and the other guy went on to consistently insult him based on his struggle instead of even so much as mentioning the word "addiction" and this pissed me off to no ends and is now pissing me off so I'll just leave it at this, After considering this from CNN and it's sister station HLN's coverage of the Narces Benoit incident, I have to say, CNN is racist.  I'm damn sure not one to use that word lightly, but the double standard presented is disgusting, especially when it comes to Narces Benoit. But hey, what do I know anyway? 

  Damn this is going to be a long post, back to the topic at hand, the media, mostly CNN, went on the war path against Tracy Morgan for saying things that are despicable, but not new. But this isn't the sole time Blacks were in the hot seat for what seemingly is homophobic behavior, take Prop 8 which if you look at the massive LA Times Headline 70% of Blacks Supported, or should I say "A lot of Obama voters" supported which the article decides to put on the first line. And again at the Washington post, Most of California's Black Voters Backed Gay Marriage Ban. Now I know you're thinking, "so what it's true?" What they don't mention in the headline is that  Blacks only make up around 10% of California's electorate and that over 80% of Conservatives also backed it. A number that largely trumps 70% of Blacks. So why have the headlines single out the Blacks? Is it really because of the Gay community, I mean what's one way of an outsider to gain acceptance into the mainstream white community? Be better than the Blacks.
  Oddly enough, Ghandi did the same thing for the Indians while he was in South Africa. General MacArthur did it in Japan and the Jewish did it in America. It's literally nothing new. So it's entirely possible that the Gay community may be trying to go the same route. Which is mostly what one side was arguing, but honestly as I think about it it's obvious that it's not the gays. It's the Republicans and Socially Conservative Democrats. It's their way of saying "Oh what? It's not our fault- look at all the Blacks who voted for it, we aren't the bigots they are."  Even though the religious right ran ads with Obama proclaiming to be for Prop 8, and convinced Black church leaders to get their congregation to vote for it, it's all the bigoted Blacks fault. Oh and the 50% of Latinos they just so randomly decide to shove in there. I really wouldn't be shocked if it was both the Gays and the Republicans, hell might be the Gay Republicans. I don't know man. I'm honestly tired of this bullshit, I have never seen a good argument as to why they can't be allowed to marry. Damnant quod non intelligunt I guess, regardless of race. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Response to "MSNBC stands for 'Manly Sports and Nubile, Buxom Cheerleaders'"

...You stay classy San Diego.
  So I frequent a lot of right and left wing forums, and things of that nature. While on my latest venture into the world of the internet I stumbled across a blog post by what I guess we would call a feminist but I'm not aware of   her views so I'm not going label her one because I personally don't believe we need feminists in the 21st century.   The author, who  goes by the handle of "fearlessleader", posted an article on her blog with the title reading: "MSNBC stands for 'Manly Sports and Nubile, Buxom Cheerleaders". It's links to another post of her's that's against tee-shirts being sold to raise money for breast cancer awareness because she didn't agree with the message depicted, to which I can say- if it's for a good cause who cares? If Neo-Nazis have a bake sale to raise money for starving kids in Bosnia, I'd probably buy a muffin or two. If it's going to a good cause, and raises awareness to a serious issue(using humor or not) it's nothing to complain over and it makes you look petty.

 Now on to MSNBC. This lady's problem seems to be that Women's professional sports don't get discussed enough on their website. I don't know what to tell you except- lack of interest. It might be a hard truth to swallow but fact is, no one really cares about Women's sports(The exception being tennis.), so why should they run stories about things people don't care about to begin with? I mean name one sports network in the US that regularly follows our cricket team, professional volleyball, Lacrosse, College level soccer and baseball. If the fan base isn't there to begin with then why report on it if no one's going to read it? That has nothing to do with sexism it has all to do about money.
 In regards to the stories you claim were on their website(I have no idea of knowing because I don't follow the website and I'm not one to take someone purely at their word). So let's check these out:

  • See the most depressing NFL cheerleader bikini calendar ever- Honestly, that's a pretty funny headline, I'd read it. So I guess their marketing works.
  • Outrage! Pippa Middleton finishes second in ‘Rear of the Year’ contest- Now, I'm familiar with this story through a different outlet. The Rear of the Year contest is a 30 year old British tradition and I don't see how it's sexist because there is a man's division. The outrage comes from people who placed bets on her rear end to win. 
  • Hilarity ensues as Gilbert Arenas live-tweets his blind date- I honestly have no idea who Gilbert Arenas is- of course I'm joking. But I'm not too familiar with this story but once again if I saw a headline like that I would be interesting in knowing what's going to happen. I'm also their target audience anyway.
  • Ryan Giggs’ brother’s wife slept with three other Man[chester] United Players?- I wonder how many NBC sports readers know who these people are, but it's a sex scandal so of course, being in their target audience I might check it out. Although not likely. 
  • Female soccer mascot ‘Donny Dog’ fired for posing in lingerie photos- That's so wrong, how dare they fire her for showing off her body willingly. That's absurd, soccer sucks. Would I read it? Probably. 
  • Booty call: Patriots’ Lockett says ‘It’s true,’ he had affair with Kim Kardashian- A lot of people are interested in this Kardashian person for some reason. Anything with Kim's name will generate traffic. And once again, it involves a sex scandal.
  • Justin Bieber, in a Texas Rangers hat, was with Selena Gomez at the Heat-Mavericks game last night- As I said with Kim, people like this kid and anything he does makes headlines. But this is a waste and I wouldn't read it.
  • Wake up call: Hold it, you mean that I missed Anna Kournikova’s birthday?- Whoa, it was her Birthday? She's a popular Tennis star and one of three I know(all women) so I'd be interested to read it if I saw that headline. 
  • Woman in center of Anthony Weiner scandal has brother who played for the Indians- This is a waste of bandwidth. But I guess since Congressman Weiner is a trending topic they might be trying to capitalize off of Google traffic so, that's life I guess. Weaksauce headline.
  • Pippa Middleton runs triathlon, is bumped by sweaty goof- That's kind of inspiring, I mean she's a woman who ran a triathlon, those are tough. I have no idea what they mean by sweaty goof, but if I seen it I would have liked to know more. Plus they pretty much got anyone who ever searches for "Pippa Middleton's Sweat". 
  • Cameron Diaz: “Sex is my favorite sport”- I could care less, but some guys would enjoy reading it I guess. It depends more so on when and why she said it. If she was with a sports blogger or something. But it would probably get the 18-35 demographic to click and read as well as Google traffic.  
On to your last point about the media, you can't make people have an interest in something. Take the Royal Wedding, all over T.V and the American audience for the most part didn't get what the big deal was. I'm just trying to be reasonable man. De gustibus non est disputandum.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Should Anthony Weiner Resign?

Firstly, what the fuck is with the media? For the most part people in his district don't want him to resign, why is CNN of all organizations treating this as if he committed a grave crime against humanity? They are mercilessly  going at him. Dana Bash doesn't deserve to call herself a reporter(excuse me, congressional correspondent)  if she's going to dedicate precious hours to this nonsense instead of actual congress hearings. CNN isn't the only organization doing this of course, but I have had other issues with them this week which I will get into in my subsequent posts. It's just an outrage this would dominate the headlines and it's a massive distraction from real issues and a severe waste of media time that could be used to report on something more important. But hey mainstream media- what can you do?

 Now on to the obvious- should he resign? FUCK NO! The idiocy of this whole fiasco aside, Congressman Weiner is actually one of the very few in our government who actually seems to give a shit about the people.(See the 9/11first  responders bill) Which is why Nancy Pelosi, Virginia's own Tim Kaine, and the rest of the pathetic Democratic party who have no moral responsibility to the American people, want him to resign. He's the most vocal member of congress and he says a lot of things most Democrats won't say mostly likely due to their own financial interests of course. There's no incentive for them to fight so they don't. then they come out with the guise of "oh the big bad Republicans did blah blah blah blah", it's absurd. When someone actually challenges what's going on in congress, he or she becomes a liability for the entire party because the donors don't want fighting Democrats, they want complacent whiny assholes. The same could be said about the Republican party of course but they are too far gone from the morals the original GOP stood for. 

 Back to the issue at hand, what he did was pathetic, immoral, and stupid(double check your tweets next time) , but it isn't that big of a deal. It's a problem for him and his wife to sort out privately as with all matters like this. Our representatives aren't gods, they are human like the rest of us. Sex, religion, and politics should NEVER be mingled together(see Iran). On the other hand if someone is purposely giving our money away to big corporations while raising your average Joe's taxes and cutting funding to his kids schools, that should be looked into, but for some reason, it never is. I want to see Weiner resign from the Democratic party and place his ties somewhere else because these frauds are the lowest of the low. Sie ficken. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Flag Fiasco In Virginia.

 Let me start off by saying this- We have much better things to worry about than a rainbow flag. In fact we have much better things to worry about than "Weiner-gate" or the John Edwards scandal. But hey that's the news. For some reason we're massively obsessed with other's peoples bedrooms and who's penis goes where. I feel sad that more people don't have my view- even the fact I have to keep saying this is unbelievable. I don't care what you do with your genitals,your family, your business, or your money as long as it doesn't affect my genitals, my family, my business and my money. We should discuss more important matters like providing free college education, getting people out of poverty, improving our workforce and making more "new money" to balance out the old which continue to have a grip on our politics. But hey maybe I'm just an idiot for thinking that might be important.
(R) Bob Marshall of District 13 in Virginia
 Anyway, WRIC (my local ABC Affiliate) is reporting that Del. Bob Marshall sent an angry letter to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond urging them to remove a Gay pride flag they put up in observance of LGBT pride month. The letter reads:

"Flying the Homosexual Flag just under the American Flag outside Richmond's Federal Reserve Bank building is a serious deficiency of judgement by your organization, one not limited to social issues." 

Marshall continues,

"Moreover, the homosexual behavior 'celebrated'  by your Richmond Federal Reserve Bank spokeswoman undermines the American economy, is a class six felony in Virginia(cites code), shortens lives, adds significantly to illness, increase health costs, promotes venereal diseases, and worsens the population imbalance relating to the number of workers supporting the beneficiaries of American's Social Security and Medicare programs."
This next part is probably best read with a southern douche accent(I don't even think this guy has one but it just sounds fitting)

"The Richmond Feds endorsement of costly, anti-social, immoral behavior is rejected by 6,000 years of Western Religious and moral teaching, You want the American people to trust your judgement in economic matters when your spokesperson celebrates an attack on public morals? Why?" 

He tops off his  tirade with a Thomas Jefferson quote.

"I never did, or countenanced, in public life, a single act inconsistent with the strictest good faith; having never believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man."

It ends with him trying to be the Ronald Reagan of bigotry:

"Mr.Lacker, take down that flag! Sincerely Bob Marshall" 

 Now Bob Marshall isn't new to controversy. In 2010 he came under fire for his comments about handicap children being born after a first abortion. His words were,
"The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children"

 Those words lead to multiple calls for his resignation include a Facebook page with over 1000 followers. Where do I begin with this guy. Lets start out with the obvious, Virginia's Sodomy statue has already been deemed unconstitutional. The Bank is not a public entity(whether or not it should be is up for debate), it has the right to do what it wants as long as it's in accordance to the law- and it is. And now, I'm going to get controversial. People- no you aren't a person you don't deserve to be in the same classification as me. Assholes like you(and that's being generous.) are the reason we have gay teens killing themselves.
 This "holier than thou" thought policing, bigoted mindset is what's destroying this nation's youth. People like you indoctrinate children into believing two things- Homosexuality is bad and If I'm gay I'm evil. You give these people low self-esteem and you raise your children to hate others,hate themselves or possibly both. You're a living example of a douche bag.  People like you, who try to force their personal beliefs onto others, and then bitch about them trying to force theirs on you, are the lowest lifeforms on the planet you scummy parasitic hypocrite. The Bible says do unto other and you'd want them to do unto to you. Love thy neighbor.But you don't give a flying shit about those parts do you? I'm ashamed to call you a Virginian, I'm ashamed to call you a Christian and I'm outraged bigots like you are chosen to represent not only my great state but the religion of billions of people. Facilis descensus averno. That's da fucking truth.
 Support the Resignation of Bob Marshall.