Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barack Obama Declares Class Warfare!?

"How dare he go after corporate jets and not planned parenthood...terrible president."

   The modern Republican mind never ceases to amaze me. I attempt (oh c'mon you don't even try!) to be somewhat of a moderate, but I find it to be harder and harder not to appear Liberal when the only Conservative views I see are purely idiotic. Trust me I'm not one of those left wing bloggers who purposely go out and look for Right-Wing absurdity. Fact is, there's just an abundance of Conservative lunacy and it's easy to find. I'm not a fan of the President (nor did I vote for him) but, seriously? Eliminating a tax break that only the richest of the rich get and that would cut $3 billion from the national debt is a bad thing? Excuse my French but, what fucking planet are you on?

  The less I say about The National Journal and Ron Fournier the better. Let's just say- I read multiple things from him, and it's all just a bunch of neoconservative fear mongering bullshit. But I respect him in that way I respect Neil Cavuto (And That's giving his work more credit than it deserves.) Now I realize that in the grand scheme of things, 3 billion dollars isn't much to fight over when it comes to deficit talks. But to say it's class warfare to kill off a perk that at least 311,650,780 people don't have and mostly likely will never have,  is insanely dishonest. It isn't class warfare, it's shared sacrifice (even though it's not even that big of a sacrifice for one side.)We're cutting things that will build a better 21st century America, while we watch jerk offs play fight over nonsense benefits that will send our nation back to the stone age.

  I remember walking out to the parking lot of my local Walmart in the late  Spring of 2010. Walking pass the rows of cars I noticed a bumper sticker that read "Liberalism is a disease", well if wanting your country to progress from continued  prosperity for a limited few to mass prosperity for the majority of the population  makes me a Liberal, I'm proud to be infected. Look there's nothing wrong with being Conservative, but there's a lot wrong with being a right wing lunatic who thinks ending a tax break on the elite is a bad thing while denying the youth (the real future job creators) a chance to get the tools to rebuild the country is good. Nazi propaganda at it's finest, and that's proof it works.


  1. The core argument simply boils down to reducing expenses, or raises taxes. In this case, the Democratic Party desires to raise taxes, by eliminating various taxes as well as an increase in the income tax. The Republican Party wishes to reduce expenses by cutting redundant programs, and loosen federal restrictions on business.
    As it stands the US currently owes $14,461,111,109,434.000, and it is not a problem that can solved without cutting back various federal programs. In case of the referenced jet tax break, one established during Obama's Stimulus Plan, its earnings are projected over 10 years. In reality, it will fall short as owners of private jets sell off their transportation or seek other means of travel.
    In simple terms, behavior that is penalized is seldom repeated. When you raise taxes, or remove incentives, it causes ripples throughout the free markets as people seek other ways to achieve the same goals, without being subject to increased costs. It's simple human behavior.

  2. That should have read "by eliminating various tax loopholes as well as an increase .."

  3. Not really anonymous. Democrats are fine with cutting spending (intelligently) and acknowledge it needs to be done to reduce that 14 trillion plus dollar deficit, along with increasing revenue. It's republicans that don't accept that there needs to be revenue increases at all, and think we can pay back that debt by cutting every federal program under the sun. And these programs aren't "redundant". For the most part, they are anything that the middle class requires to get by, and never actual redundant programs, like military spending that produces things we never even use.

    It's pretty disgusting, but it's pretty obvious to see that republicans are just blocking efforts to improve the economy so that when elections roll around they can all point fingers at Obama.

  4. Its really a matter of opinion based upon ones beliefs that have been constructed throughout ones life. Both side have valid points and arguments. The truth is we need a little bit of both constantly balancing each other out.

  5. But really, Minecraft, both sides do not have valid points or arguments. One side, the Left, that is not represented in Washington, is attempting to save the country. Is trying to save democracy, freedom, rights, choicees, the economy, jobs, the environment, our Constitution, and the American Dream. The other side, the Right, represented by nearly every politician in Washington, has contempt for these things and only wants to protect the top 2% and make short term corruption money. Under no realistic economic model will cutting corporate taxes, slashing federal spending on the middle class, or subsidizing the perks of the very rich with taxpayer money ever lead to job creation or a better economy. Under no realistic model would slashing industry regulations to the point suggested by Republicans ever lead to a safer, stronger, cleaner, healthier or fairer country. You can say that these are just my lifelong beliefs, but there is a mountain of evidence that shows what the truth is. Add in that the Republicans have a stated 1st priority of unelecting Obama, which gives them incentive to pass bad policies that intentionally fail, and it is very hard for me to hear that "we're just all different and every one of us has a good point." Sometimes someone says that the sun rises in the East and someone says it rises in the West. One person is factually, indisputably correct, and the other person is indisputably wrong.

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  7. Hi Milltycoon,
    The Democratic Party has been, and for the foreseeable future, will always be the bastion of left-wing politics. There voting block is made up of youth and workers who embrace the concepts of social liberals, progressives, and centrists who return the Democrats to power through various profit and nonprofit originations. While there is a divide between those who wish to reform by social work and those who wish to reform by regulation, both forms constrain the very ideal you are seeking. The formal ends up costing a great deal of revenue, raised entirely by taxes on the citizens, as programs historically underperform when compare to those run by private companies. Regulations stifle growth and productively by introducing a needlessly complex, expensive and confusing set of rules. Look towards the American tax code for an example of how regulations can get out of control. Like anything in government, regulations and social programs should be streamlined and limited to valid concerns and policies.
    In the end, no political party is perfect; they all fail to rise to the expectations of the masses because each of us is a unique creation with his and her own ideas about what is the best course of action.