Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ryan Dunn VS Roger Ebert.

It's on? 
  Twitter seems to be erupting (kind of) over famed film critic Roger Ebert's tweet about the late Ryan Dunn of "Jackass". Shortly after news broke of Dunn's demise Ebert tweeted "Friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive." Which brought in tons of backlash after Perez Hilton blogged it out on his website and even resulted in the temporary banning of Ebert's Facebook page . Now I have a few thoughts on this after reading hundreds of angry tweets and Facebook comments. Firstly, how ironic is it that Perez Hilton (legendary "bully" of celebs) is calling someone insensitive. Don't even get me started on the insignificant Bam Magera.(Can you tell I'm not a fan?)  To make it worse tons of Perez' readers agreed with Ebert encouraging him to address his tweet again.
  Now, I also agree with Roger Ebert. Drunk driving kills tons of people a year and it's an insanely stupid thing to do. When I see Ryan Dunn's "fans" try to defend this act I get sick to my stomach. I've read multiple tweets saying Roger Ebert should apologize to which if I was Ebert, I'd personally tell them to fuck off. But hey that's just me and I'm a huge douche anyway. Ebert has already apologized but has that stopped the dumb asses from hating? No. That's not even the shocking part, celebs get hate all the time, for whatever reasons. What's shocking is how many people are call Ryan Dunn a hero. Yeah, if you consider Ryan Dunn your hero, you're in dire need a psyche evaluation. The guy's claim to fame is that he shoved a toy up his colon. Let's be real. 
Seriously? One of the greatest men on T.V?
 I guess it's just a sign of the times. Where perhaps one of the most intelligent men in the country is being insulted because of something he said about a glorified clown- something that makes sense. "But he made me laugh! He's such an icon!" The fuck outta here. I have nothing against him, but c'mon, he's not a hero , an icon or an artist. R.I.P Ryan Dunn, another proud recipient of the Darwin Award. Ok, calm down, he would have loved  Dark humor. I think it's insulting to his memory that his "fans" are behaving like this. He deserves better. 
  Ryan Dunn Death Photos. It's ok, I can admit I'm a horrible person. 


  1. I think it was more Bam Margera vs Roger Epert. p.s. what a weird looking old man...

  2. Fuck you, Roger Ebert. Stick to movies.

  3. Linkara, quite honestly I'm shocked you wern't more critical:

    Ryan Dunn and Roger Epert are both in entirely different fields of entertainment. I seriously can not believe that, as you say, "one of the most intellignet men" would make such a cut-throat comment so quickly about such a beloved celebrity.

    In all honesty, he should have known there would be such a backlash, especially since he's so widely followed across America. Personally, i think he had no right to say something quite so harsh so quickly.

    And I'm no Ryan Dunn fanboy, I'm a fan of Jackass and a few other shows he was in. Like I said, he was a good entertainer, however I also think that there's no exscuse for drink driving. The fact of the matter is it DOES kill thousands of stupid people each year, and Dunn should have thought twice before offering someone a ride, regardless of how much he had to drink.

    Epert should have retracted his statement straight away (even though he appologised; the fact of the matter is he shouldn't have Tweeted it in the first place) and Dunn shouldn't have been stupid enough to drive in such a state. With the money he made you woulda thought he could hail a cab...

    R.I.P Ryan Dunn

  4. I can't agree more with your post or Ebert. Ryan Dunn was an entertainer sure, but you're right. He was a glorified tv clown. Not a hero or anything at all, it's say he died but the way he died through drunk driving and killing his friend... unacceptable to me.

  5. that was a terrible post by Ebert

  6. Very sad to see the hate on Ebert, he made a valid point, very sad sign of the times

  7. People are mad at Ebert... for saying its stupid to Drink and Drive? SERIOUSLY? He didn't even say that he didn't like Ryan Dunn from what I've read in this blog, he just implied that it was an act that shouldn't be done.

    As much as I enjoyed the Jackass movies, Ryan Dunn, personally, meant nothing to me (I preferred Steve-O, Knoxville and Margerra's antic) and he seems always in the background. Calling him an icon or a hero or whatever is stupid.

  8. Maybe he should have wait a day or two before that because his comment was related at the same time of Ryan dead announcement and that was cheap.

  9. That was bad stuff man... how cheap do people in hollywood gotta be.

  10. Doubt he meant anything hurtful by it, people just need to let slips of the the tongue (finger in this case?) like this just roll off their shoulders.