Friday, July 22, 2011

Oslo Terrorist Attacks, Media Speculations, Then Media Silence?

I would have said something productive- but this is a Michelle Malkin tweet.

  On Friday, two heinous acts of terrorism were committed in Oslo, Norway. Beginning with a massive explosion in the Oslo government district and ending with a mass shooting spree at a youth camp. It is being reported as of now that as many as 87 people have been killed. This is not something you expect in Norway, so people(I use the term loosely) like Michelle Malkin and other Right leaning reporters, bloggers, pundits, and so on decided to jump the gun blame Muslims. Not extremists Muslims but Muslims all together, normally I wouldn't mind because these bigots in the press seem to love doing it but one thing struck a nerve with me. For a brief period, 'Muslim' was actually trending on Twitter.  

  Upon examining the tweets associated with the term I found they were mostly all along the lines of: 

This one being the most troubling:

  Oh but it gets a lot better, after it was becoming more and more apparent the attacks weren't carried out by an Islamic terrorist something funny happened in the world of cable news. The reports started getting shorter and shorter until it wasn't reported on anymore. The next time it was reported on CNN it was no longer dubbed a terrorist attack, but rather "a bombing and mass shooting". Well if that doesn't constitute as an act of terrorism- what does? I think Glenn Greenwald of Salon nailed it. 

  It's so disgusting that this happens. This is a lot more important then where Casey Anthony is, so where are the detailed T.V reports on this? Why aren't you broadcasting any of it after it was determined that this was not the doing of a Muslim but of the complete opposite? A Conservative Christian extremist is responsible for this and you know what, all of you need to denounce this lunatic. What? You don't like it do you? All Conservative Christians should denounce his actions and inform the world you don't agree with what he did. What?  Are you defending terrorism? I want every Christian Church from Norway to New York, Texas, Alaska, to the United Kingdom to say you don't side with this man's actions. 

  This doesn't upset me as a Muslim (because I'm not). This upsets me as a human being, we don't ask Bishops to say they don't agree with Christian mass murderers who attended their services. Why should an Imam be harassed by the media until he says he doesn't agree with the actions of an extremist who didn't even go to his Mosque?  Just because the culprit was not a Muslim does not make the situation any less serious. I'm calling on everyone to tweet and email CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News and tell them to cover this incident in the way it deserves to be covered on their networks. I'm also calling on you to tweet The New York Times,and make them apologize for speculating without credible reports. Tweet  Pamela Geller  and Michelle Malkin and tell them to denounce right wing extremism.  This double standard will not stand, and should not stand. That's Justdatruth. 


  1. This is very disturbing. Can't even believe some of the things people say, even on Twitter.

  2. I don't know... there's just so many confusion about these incidents. I really don't know what to believe.

  3. I found coverage to have been fairly extensive this morning. I suspect a big part of the reason for any fluctuations in coverage is that at first, once it started to look like this wasn't "Islamic" terrorism, the media didn't have any real good, easy angle to give the story and perhaps not a whole lot of new information right at that point, so coverage dipped. But then this morning, with a suspect in custody and lots of information leaking out about the island massacre in particular, there's suddenly lots of nice, fresh, juicy, lurid details for them to hit us with, and at least the beginnings of a storyline emerging as to what actually *is* going on here if it isn't "Islamic", so there was a bit more coverage as the cable networks started to have a somewhat more coherent story to tell.

    -Also, it should be noted that with the debt crisis talks collapsing and multiple deaths resulting from continued record heat all over the country, for once there actually *is* some other relevant, at-this-moment newsworthy stuff going on for them to be talking about.