Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Trial of the Norway Monster Act I: Enter the nutjob" Response

It's a shame really.  

   In the aftermath of the Norwegian twin attacks neoconservatives writers,pundits,and bloggers are not only pulling  the "we are being victimized by the evil Leftists!"card. They are also engaging in one of the most despicable practices possible, blaming the victims. Today I came across an article on the Human Events website (which claims to be 'leading conservative media since 1944') titled  "Trial of the Norway Monster, Act I: Enter the nutjob." Staff writer John Hayward does deserve a tiny bit of credit, unlike a large portion of the American media he calls this terrorist- a terrorist. Other than that  he comes off as a truly ignorant human being. That was pretty mean of me, but as you'll soon see it was warranted once we look at the garbage he's writing and the point he's attempting to make. Lets take a look.
"Consider how eager the global Left has been to give Breivik a seat at the table of civilized discourse after his bloody atrocities, because his self-identification as a “Christian conservative” makes him useful for bashing their enemies."
  You're absolutely right.  We of the  global Left are using this as an attempt to bash our enemies, you've caught us. He's not even really a Christian Conservative- he's a hobgoblin. All a Leftist conspiracy. Note he put Christian conservative in quotes.
"The BBC goes on to obligingly refer to Breivik as a “right-wing Christian extremist,” which is the same term most of the media uses for polite church-going middle-class types who don’t want their tax money used to fund abortions."
   Every time I read that portion I have this uncontrollable urge to plant my face firmly in my palms and shake my head. Firstly John, he is a right-wing Christian extremist, there is no denying that. His views seemingly align perfectly with a lot of your colleagues over there at Human Events ( See 'Jihad Watch') but more importantly, a lot of your readers also share Breivik's views on the 'growing Islamic threat'. Secondly, and undoubtedly the most insulting part, are the lies that the (Liberal) media labels polite middle class church goers as extremists and that taxes fund abortion. Those are false statements and I know you know they are. Unless your idea of "polite church going Christians" includes protesting outside abortion clinics with signs picturing dead fetuses, insulting sometimes even threatening those who choose to get an abortion, leaving hundred of death threats directed at doctors, bombing abortion clinics, or shooting doctors inside their own church- then maybe you have a point. Those people do get labeled "Christian extremists" because they are Christian extremists. They are using terror to push their belief that abortion is evil and those who have one are evil.
"The real madness is when governments refuse to admit they are ”at war” with terrorists. This is a consistent theme running through the Age of Terror. Declarations of war keep arriving on their doorsteps, only to be treated as junk mail. Breivik claims he had help pulling off the Oslo attacks, and at least two other cells of his terror network are still at large. How many cells have to slaughter how many innocents before they’re taken seriously as an “enemy” engaged in a 'war?'"
   Wait, what government says we aren't at war with terrorists? To my understanding this is "The War on Terrorism" era. If you're implying that the government doesn't take terrorism seriously, you're crazy. In some ways this is how the terrorists are winning, we are forced to sacrifice our freedoms for safety. What is your plan John? Do you want a total police state just because a few lunatics committed atrocious acts? Should the government enforce Orwellian policies because we are engaged in a "war?" 
"...The first cop to confront the heavily armed terrorist, Officer Trond Berntsen, was immediately shot dead, because he didn’t have a gun.  This gave the Monster of Norway enough time to gun down sixty-eight people, many of them teenage kids."
  Now if you've read that you'd think "Norwegian police don't carry guns so they are failures." If John cared to do his research, he'd know that Trond Berntsen was off-duty and working private security at the camp. If John cared to think rationally he'd know that it takes a severe amount of paranoia to bring a gun to a youth camp. If John Hayward knew that Trond Berntsen died shielding his son from this madman's bullets maybe he wouldn't have even written about his lack of a firearm.  I doubt John Hayward cares about that. John Hayward seems to believe that Trond Berntsen's irresponsibility (not being paranoid enough to carry a gun everywhere) enabled Breivik to kill sixty-eight people- including Trond Berntsen.
Sadly he continues to dig this ditch:
"...Who is more delusional: these guys or Anders Behring Breivik?  Which of them could more credibly be accused of not knowing what they are doing?  Who is going to study this incident more carefully, with an eye toward improving their performance: the Norwegian government, or the remaining terror cells?"
   I cut parts off to save space, basically he's blaming the police force for a slow response to the shooting. That would be a fair criticism only if you ignore the bombing in the Government district of Oslo. If the bombing never happened I'm sure the response would have been faster. Instead of blaming the cops on the slow response times examine why they were slow. This is nothing you can plan for, that's like complaining the U.S didn't intercept the other plane before it hit the Pentagon. I'm sure Norway will take the right steps to prevent this from happening again without having to enforce totalitarian policies like the PATRIOT act.

  John, this will go back to my earlier statement about your readers. I don't know if you read the discussion portion of your articles but if you do I hope you don't agree that:

"...The solution would be to ban immigration and deport aliens. The Norwegian politicians are therefore the real criminals and the truly insane. They should also be tried for crimes against humanity--allowing alien invasion and visa giving.This should be a wake up call for the people of Norway and all of Europe to amend their constitutions to allow binding superseding national referenda, so they can pass good laws themselves, due to the rampant corruption and/or insanity of their govts. They can ban immigration themselves since their criminal politicians won't. "
  What can I say? There's no such thing as Right-Wing Christian Extremists. No Conservatives think like Anders Behring Breivik. Elvis ain't do no drugs. 

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