Sunday, July 10, 2011

"You Believe Everything The WHITE Owned Media Says Huh?"

I sure am.

    Let me get one thing out of the way, I'm not a fan of shorthand . If you're in charge of the public twitter page of a supposedly reputable source of African-American news and views, please don't type like an 8th grader. So long story short I got into a bit of a "Twitter-beef" (or is it tweet-war? I have no idea) with the person in charge of this page. My replies were a bit lengthy (spanning several tweets) so instead of cluttering this post with all of my replies I'm just going to type the complete thought out under the pictured tweet. This should be fine right? Lets watch as this debate of sorts get downgraded to one side shoving their fingers into their ears and yelling "NO YOU'RE WRONG, LALALALALALALA"

I came across this because I happen to follow @TheYoungTurks so being the cool guy that I am I linked them to  an article on Raw Story.

By who?

Now I never found anything confirming this but at a press conference His words "The President is interested in strengthening Social Security in the long term in ways that preserve the promise of the program and don't slash benefits" It means not only it's on the table but it also means it's gonna to be gutted out.

Such a great rebuttal. 

I believe it's an Obama thing to do. He's going to cave and blame the right for his caving in. I don't need [the Mainstream Media] or That guy to tell me that. You can read between the lines of what Jay Carney said and you'll see the real answer.


I have yet to see anything that has proven it incorrect. Let's not have rose colored glasses and look beyond his skin tone.

I don't have to mention how ironic this tweet is do I? 
His skin tone is the only reason ignorant Blacks defend him so whole heatedly. People like you perpetuate the notion of him being a part of my culture and history. To which he technically isn't once you venture outside the realm of inter U.S race relations and think for a change.

On what issue did he not cave on? 

Here we go with this again.
 No, I'm one of those "Obama is not Black period" folks who don't go off what the "white" media says. Who pushes the notion that he is. We're no better than racists when we look at Black Americans and Black Immigrants as one in the same

What good does it do to reinforce the [belief] that everyone with dark skin is the same? It's counter productive and gives the false notion of progress. So by that logic everyone on Earth with dark skin is African American and has the same disadvantages, history and views we do.

I'm not defending anyone, I just know it's the only reason you are defending him. Name one thing he did not cave on.

That's an awesome reply.

Are you going to address anything I said?

Truth hurts.
 I also asked "What hasn't he caved on" to which you never replied. Also if you're going to quote me at least do it correctly. We aren't in middle school.

   And that's that. Nothing was solved and for the life of me I still have no idea what he did in April. If you guys ever want to have a real conversation, you know where to find me.


  1. twitter isnt the right place for a serious fact, the whole internet as i know it isnt.

  2. Everything about that conversation went down hill once race came into the equation.

    As for the actual content, I haven't been keeping up with the news, but it was my understanding that Obama was putting entitlements on the table as a bluff to make the republicans look bad by not putting revenue increases on the table. He can approach any argument in the future as "I put everything there for a compromise, and they didn't."

    He'd be politically dead if he "gutted" social security. Its not like the Bush tax cuts where he caved and his base gets upset, but at the end of the day retained their own tax cuts + dodt repealed. If he caved and gutted an entitlement, it would be a shitstorm as big as the Paul Ryan "kill medicare" plan.

    I think any reasonable person agrees that entitlements need to be reformed since most of them are hemoraging money, but I don't buy for a second Obama would gut them. If that happened, he might as well be a republican.