Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up On Lost Time: Debt Deal, Israel Protests, Angry Egyptians, and More.

Kanye West and Jay Z: Watch The Throne- Released 08/09/2011 Pretty cover, nice album.

   It's been awhile hasn't it? I need to get back on schedule but before I do, here's a rundown of somethings that I wanted to get to but couldn't over the last two weeks for whatever reasons. I'll try to be as brief with my points as possible.

  • The Debt Ceiling Deal- We all knew there would be no revenue increases at all, what we weren't expecting were the 350 billion in Defense cuts over 10 years. Those on the Right are upset that there are cuts in military spending at all. Those of us on the Left end are upset that instead of the previously agreed upon 400 billion in cuts it was lowered. 
  • The TeaParty being called terrorists- Well, given the fact that 'terrorist' happens to be one of the most misunderstood terms of my generation, it makes sense. Terrorism is usually defined as using fear to advance one's own political goals, which is exactly what the TeaParty is guilty of.  But, I dislike the violent rhetoric brought about by the President ("The TeaParty are hostage takers who have a gun to the head of the American people") and other Democrats. Regardless of how we view one another, in my opinion violent imagery only demeans whatever point you're trying to make. 
  • 300,000 Israelis protesting a high cost of living in Tel Aviv- I toned back a lot on my anti-Zionist stance in the last few months since Benjamin Netanyuhu put Barack in his place. Honestly, I lost hope that there will be peace through diplomacy. On the subject of the protests, I'm all for it man, if they feel like their government has failed them they have all the rights to voice their frustration and protest peacefully. Unfortunately, it doesn't sit right with me considering a recent communications blackout in Gaza coupled with the dispelling of nonviolent protesters in the West Bank ending with six of them being arrested. 
  • "Obama's Hip Hop BBQ!"- I wasn't terribly offended by this, it's from Fox Nation by now who should know how they are. I was more offended by the second part of headline. The full headline read "Obama's Hip Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs". My guess would be it was an official White House event. Which means they probably hired decorators, caterers, servers, and so on. Maybe I'm wrong but my guess would be that those would count as jobs. Maybe 10-12 jobs but they still got created. (Do I have to type "I'm kidding"?)
  •  Al Gore Calling For An American Spring- It isn't going to happen. I'm sorry for being so pessimistic, but it'll never happen. We're too far gone for anything like that to happen. Young Americans have too much too deal with. They are afraid to dedicate the time and energy needed for something like this to happen. Even if they did, the most heartbreaking aspect of it is that unlike the TeaParty movement, there will be no rich backers. There are no Liberal Koch brothers to organize massive rallies and protests, unless Mr.Gore decides he really wants to do this and makes that financial step. Sadly the only way for an American Spring to really materialize would be for the same corporate interests that destroyed our system to help rebuild it. And that's not going to happen anytime soon.
  • Egyptian Activists quarreling on Twitter- This wasn't reported on ( and it shouldn't be) but I found it interesting. There was a bit of drama on twitter between the lovely Gigi Ibrahim and the equally lovely Rasha Abdulla about their differing opinions on nonviolent activism. I'm not entirely comfortable enough to criticize either one of these women so I'm going to in regards to uprisings in general. If you're in a movement and you have a slight issue with someone who basically wants to achieve the same goals, my  suggestion would be to listen to all views and access the best action to be taken. I'll just leave it at that. 
  • S&P Downgrade Who's At Fault?- Is it Obama? The Republicans? The TeaParty? If you go by the S&P's report, by all means it's the Republicans inability to raise taxes combined with the Democrats inability to cut deeply. So in other words, it's all of Washington's fault but there is a silver lining. If you are a banker you stand to make more money from rising interest rates. But if you aren't a banker, it's going to suck. 
  • The Dow Losing Massive Points- Me and my friends have a saying we use every time the Dow drops over 200 points in a given day. It goes "Man, rich people just lost a lot of money." It's quite amazing, take for example my favorite evil genius billionaire Carlos Slim. He lost somewhere between 6-8 billion dollars in one day. That is just amazing, but that's why it's called 'risk'. Stocks are nothing but legal gambling in my opinion. Plus 6 billion to Carlos Slim is like $60 to most of us. It hurts like hell to lose but you'll get it back one day if you play your cards right and you aren't going to starve if you lose it.
Now that I'm pretty caught up, let's get back to my regularly scheduled ranting about one thing or another. Let's get back to business.

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