Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MSNBC Makes Rick Perry Appear Racist.

  There are numerous reasons I don't watch Fox News, and a bulk of those reasons could be applied to why I refuse to watch MSNBC. I'm not a fan of massive propaganda outlets using deceptive techniques to misinform American audiences (unless I'm poking fun at their bias) as MSNBC did. Monday on his show, MSNBC's Ed Schultz aired a clip of Governor Perry speaking in Iowa, the clip ends with Perry saying "..that big black cloud hanging over America". Schultz then implies the phrase 'big black cloud' was a reference to President Obama- which it isn't. Rick Perry was actually referring the current debt, but if you watched that live without knowing the entire context you might take it as racist(and even that would require an enormous amount of reaching). 
  Is it really that hard to find questionable things on Rick Perry? This is the guy who appealed secessionists for votes.The same guy who is continuously cutting education funding in his state despite it being one of the worse academic preforming states in the nation, believes firmly in abstinence only education despite the fact his state leads the nation in teen pregnancy rates. Last but not least he used stimulus money to balance his state's budget despite being against it in the first place. Now I'm going to do something I never expected doing, give thanks to Andrew Breitbart for exposing this.

  For MSNBC to not only take his words severely out of context to make him appear racist, but then to come out and imply he's always been a racist despite him having no clear record of racism  is unacceptable and just plain hurtful. This immature, uncalled for attempt by this network to assassinate the character of Rick Perry also has a negative impact on those of us who have experienced and speak out against real racism that still exists today. MSNBC has just further cemented the idiotic mindset that many have about race relations. Not all, but many people seem have this idea that racism is a just a figment of bitter peoples imagination, that most claims today are made up and just another example of "race baiting". It's truly painful to see these things, especially seeing as  that time could have been used reporting on this. It also doesn't help that MSNBC recently hired Rev. Al Sharpton.  #FAIL

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