Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teabagger Christine O'Donnell Runs From Piers Morgan Interview Over Gay Marriage Question.

  There is just so much fail concentrated into this 3 minute clip. The first being the fact that Piers Morgan still has a job, but that's a complaint for another day. When I saw the adverts for this interview on CNN earlier I couldn't help but wonder what would be the point of interviewing an anti-masturbation political failure such as Christine O'Donnell? (who is totally not a witch by the way). It turns out it was to promote her new book "Troublemaker: Let's Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again ", which currently sports around four obviously fake 5 star reviews and three 1 star reviews (expected to rise).

   Piers Morgan asked the anti-masturbation, non-witch about her stance on gay marriage and after she attempts to avoid the subject entirely Piers asked her why did she become so "weird" when the topic of gay marriage came up (which she was all too happy to go on about in her book). Fed up with the 'rude' British talk show host berating her, the courageous O'Donnell stood her ground and walked off stage. Well that's what Christine O'Donnell would like to think happened, what really followed her evasiveness about the topic was quite possibly the second most awkward CNN interview "walk off" involving a Conservative and a rude host of all time . (This being the first.) I mean the best parts were the 8 seconds of pure silence followed by her complaining she could have been at some obscure Conservatives women's thing( and sold 3 copies of her book) instead of being on national television. But by far the greatest part had to be the shadowy figure who I guess was her evil publicist or something.

  Now I have mixed feelings on this. You have to ask, was the question fair? Well of course it was.  She wrote about it, and she should be able to defend her views and express them clearly. But, Piers Morgan shouldn't have pressed on this one thing so hard. I would have been more interested in knowing what exactly she meant by "second American revolution".  Lastly, I believe a large portion of it was staged to gain more publicity. I mean if it didn't happen would anyone be talking about anti-masturbation non-witch Christine O'Donnell and her book? Of course not. I'm not saying Piers Morgan or CNN planned it but there's a possibility that Christine O'Donnell and her people planned for her to flip out and make a few headlines- any publicity is good, especially if you're an irrelevant political failure who everyone just forgot about. I apologize to all of the irrelevant political failures I might have offended.

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  1. Don't people typically rehearse interviews before they go on air?... So that that these kind of things can be avoided? :-/