Thursday, September 8, 2011

LOL @ Michelle Malkin

I'd put something witty here, but this is a Michelle Malkin Tweet. I know I used that joke before, bite me. 
  When I first became aware of this the first thing that honestly popped in my head was "it's Soulja Boy, who cares?". The second thing that came to mind was a curiosity of how the Right wing would react, and thankfully they didn't disappoint. Seeing as I'm not a mindless tool, I have never heard the song causing such a stir among the media- and I don't plan to listen to it. The story goes like this, Soulja Boy recently released a song titled "Let's be real" and in it he rapped the following: "Fuck the FBI and the Army troops... fighting for what? Be your own man." Now needless to say, people were offended by these lyrics and chaos ensued. By chaos I mean an apology after a flood of complaints from military personnel and their families. Now the lyrics could have been better written but then again, he isn't a lyricist so I can understand if he completely bastardized the point he alleges he was trying to make. Can we go back to not caring about Soulja Boy now?

  Nope, because Michelle Malkin (read lunatic) decides this is the time to come after the Left by trying to tie this non-story together with the all too real story of the shooting that took place in Carson City Nevada which left 4 people dead including 2 National Guardsmen . The fact that she thinks these two things could even be remotely linked astounds me. It really does, at the time of this writing there's zero proof that this was a targeted attack on the National Guardsmen. They weren't in uniform, there were no real signs that these men were purposely picked because of their role in the Armed Forces and even less evidence that this guy was some radical Leftist Soulja Boy fan. By all accounts it seems as if it's just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My thoughts go out to the victims of this tragedy and I'm sorry some feel to use this as a tool to attack their political opponents. 

  Now I'll feel bad if I didn't acknowledge this, but Soulja Boy once 'beefed' with Ice-T, who also drew a large amount of Right Wing criticism after his song "Cop Killer". I know it's different but the links are closer than the ones Malkin is trying to connect. Just sayin.

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