Monday, January 30, 2012

Quickie: Actor Kills Self After Putting Dog To Sleep, KJ Looks at Breed Bans.

Nick Santino
  I'm not a big fan of pets and I think I'm pretty open about that. I'm one of those people who will defend Michael Vick and say he spent way too much time behind bars. Then I read this tearjerker.  Now I could never imagine killing myself over a person, let alone a pet but I believe this guy had a lot of demons and that just set him over the edge. I have no problem with apartment buildings banning dogs, but banning a certain breed of dog is uncalled for and it's pretty prejudice against the people who may consider a pit bull to be a part of the family. It always seemed ridiculous to me either ban dogs all together or don't. Even non pet lovers such as myself know that it's not the dog that's the problem it's the people who raise it. Maybe this comes from me being what I am but, you're going to discriminate against an otherwise loving creature because of stereotypes and fear? But in the end it's a private building so hey, what can you do? I wish he would have just moved but I don't know anything about this guys situation and it's sad this story ended how it did.

Ron Paul

The Doctor
  Honesty, this isn't the post I had planned. I was writing about this guy and there was so much I got into that it stopped looking like a blog post and started looking more like an extensive character study. Given how horrible my style is I doubt anyone would want to take a good half hour out of their day to read all of it. I decided to try to be as brief as possible. I seemed to be asked "What do you think of Ron Paul?" a lot. Given the fact that most people choose to ask that between the hours of 1 and 4 in the morning I never really felt I could clearly elaborate my thoughts on Dr. Paul. Firstly, Ron Paul is running for President but he knows he'll probably never hold that office. The Doctor's campaigns are more about spreading his Libertarian ideals and being the voice of a wing of the Republican party often times is ignored by the establishment. Being the Liberal that I am his anti-police state, anti-war views actually tend to be a breath of fresh air after Santorum's support for committing acts of terror in Iran and Mitten's imperialism. (The less I say about Newt the better.)

  Ron Paul does have a lot of things I don't agree with, the biggest being "States Rights". Now it could be said that States know about the issues they face and are closer to those issues than D.C can be. I get that and sometimes it does make sense, what doesn't make sense is getting rid of every amendment after the 10th, allowing states to print their own currency and hoping that they find it too outdated to reinstate slavery. Ok maybe those are extremes but, hey the free market will decide. I feel don't really know enough about economics to talk about this, but from everything I've seen in regards to the Fed, it does seem like we need a central bank but the agency does need more oversight and shouldn't be a private run entity. But some would argue "everything the Fed does can be taken over by the Treasury therefore it should be terminated" and actually I should probably look more into it before I choose whether to be on the "END THE FED!" side. 

  In the end Ron Paul knows he's not going to be President and as stated his campaigns aren't really about the man it's the message and that may make him the most honest guy to run for this office- ever. He has core beliefs and I respect him for having the courage to expel views, (even those views of which he has that I don't agree with.) on the world stage despite being ignored and called all types of crazy by the MSM This along with the fact that his stances on most things have been largely consistent his entire political career is what resonates with a lot of people and leads to Paul having an almost cult-like following. His fans are relentless and since I don't want to invoke the wrath of the thousand Paulites I will not get into the newsletters and I'll just wrap it up by saying, RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Santorum, Romney, And Gingrich

Oy Vey

  Is blogging about Ron Paul cursed? I mean you wouldn't believe the nonsense I'm going through trying to write about the doctor. I decided to shelf that at least for only few more minutes (hopefully), to talk about the other remaining mainstream candidates. (Why don't they each get their own post like Ron Paul?) Because honestly Larry, Moe and Curly here each seem to represent just about everything I hate about Right Wing politics. It's quite amazing how this is happening, so much about these characters just rub me the wrong way. Let's start this thing shall we.

Rick (Google) Santorum

  When it comes to Santorum it's not like I dislike the guy quite the contrary actually. He seems like a pretty nice guy with core values that I just don't agree with. I wouldn't classify his views on social issues as bigoted, they seem more misguided if anything. (Isn't he the guy who said if a rapist impregnates the victim she has to view it as a blessing and keep it?) I know right. (Isn't this the same guy who basically said "It's ok to legislate what Americans can and can't do in their bedroom"?) Yes, Yes, I know. (Isn't this the guy you accused of pandering to ignorant voters two days ago?) Well, yes but-  (Isn't this the guy who told a room full of White voters in one of the Whitest states in the union that Black people need to get off welfare?) Well- in his defense he says he said "blahh people". (You're losing it KJ, he's a bigot.) That's kind of a strong word that I'm really trying to stop using because naturally if you call people like him bigots, some who share his beliefs would be angry then try to turn that on it's head and make it seem as if I'm calling all Republicans/Conservatives/Christians bigoted and quite frankly I'm not getting into that- right now at least. (Whatever.) Also, like me, he believes felons should have voting rights so I can't entirely hate the guy. Moving on to his economic policy, I see the appeal. Give a tax cut for manufacturing companies to move jobs here makes a little sense and it's an easy sell sometimes other times it could be described as "picking winners and losers" which Republicans seem to hate. When it comes to foreign policy, he's a war mongering jack bag who believes killing Iranian scientists on Iranian soil isn't an act of war and proudly proclaims he would do that. But hey he doesn't support indefinite detentions of Americans like our current commander in chief so I guess that's a positive.

Mitt(en) Romney

  This dude cannot be human. There's just something about this guy that doesn't register right I know this metaphor is used to death but this guy has to be a robot. I would give you his stances and what I agree or disagree with but it seems like he boots a new OS every four weeks or so depending on what state he's in. His economic policy involves heavy tax breaks to the obscenely wealthy such as himself. But one thing that really bothers me is his imperialistic world view. He dreams of an "American Century" essentially meaning if a country doesn't stand in line with America's business interests he will come after you whether it's an actual war or a trade war. Also he supports detaining Americans indefinitely without trial so look forward to that with President Romney.

*Graphic Language Ahead*

Newt Gingrich 

   I'm going to be quite blunt here, WHO THE FUCK WOULD VOTE THIS GUY? Of all the politicians, pundits,authors, bloggers I may have disagreements with I never really thought - to use an example: "I fucking hate Michelle Malkin". But this douche just gets to me. He's a smug arrogant hypocrite who kowtows to the worst elements of the Republican party for votes. He does this by using code talk that anyone who took a good 8th grade level history class knows what they mean, who they apply to, and why they were used to begin with. While Romney may be a robot, Gingrich lives up to his name and has all the qualities of a Newt. He's a slimey frog shaped creature whom secretes a toxin that poisons the minds of other wise incredibly decent people. But hey if you're an asshole who's for firing the already struggling janitor and hiring kids to clean toilets for pennies on the dollar, he's your guy. A man whose entirely career has been nothing but hypocrisy, lies, and corruption. Ladies and gentlemen- Newt Gingrich.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Announcement

  On this the 25th of January 2012, JDTH officially endorses Vermin Supreme for President of the United States. Mr.Supreme is the only candidate I feel will send this country in the right direction furthermore I suggest you check out his stances on the issues and you'll see he's also the man you should support.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rick Santorum: Keepin' Them Ignorant For Votes

   Republican Presidential Candidate Rick (Google) Santorum was holding a Town Hall meeting in Florida when he was asked something extremely stupid. Rather than correct the hideously framed question/comment Mr. Santorum chose not to really address the more 'controversial' parts and basically responded with "I'm going to beat Obama and get out of the White House!". See below

  I thought this Birther nonsense was over and done with. In her defense she never said he wasn't a citizen, but the actually framing of her question irked me the most, to paraphrase:"He's a Muslim therefore he doesn't deserve to be President, so why hasn't anything been done to get him out". And of course the GOP crowd applauds to her idiotic comments. It makes me sick to my stomach that someone in a position such as Mr. Santorum doesn't correct such lunacy because he doesn't want to upset his base. Is the GOP is full of ignorant, xenophobic racists? No, but this clearly doesn't help dispel that train of thought held by many Americans and it farther tarnishes the image of the Republican party.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've been wondering how to express my feelings in regards to SOPA/PIPA today, so here it goes. When  it comes down to it

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

King of Bain. Does It Hurt Romney?


    You know I've noticed something over the course of this GOP primary race ("The March of The Trolls" to borrow a phrase). I'm sure a lot of Right Wingers have the same feelings I do about Mitt Romney- somewhat. You see, I feel that the Mainstream Media wants to make sure Romney wins but I'm not even going to speculate a reason why they want him to become the nominee. But when you think about it, just about everyone who seemingly dethrones the King of Bain from his front runner position is quickly choke-slammed by the corporate media ("Rick Santorum's Communist Clan") while they watch their once surging poll numbers fall . Outside of a few Ron Paul fans on the internet and ads running on television in primary voting states Mitt seems to get just about no real negative press aside from "some Republicans consider him a flip-flopper"(Burn).
   The media loves to paint him as this generic Republican who's time has come. The one you need to vote for because your other options are supposedly terrible and you want to defeat Obama. It also seems that most ads attacking Romney fail. Hell check out this 'documentary' about Mitt's time as CEO of Bain Capital paid for by Newt Gingrich's Winning Our Future PAC.
The trailer:

    Oh man, what can I say about this 28 minute hit piece against Mitt Romney? Well it fails on so many levels (Mitt Romney's on video speaking terrible French therefore he is un-American?) and if anything it hurts Newt a lot more than Romney. You might be thinking (Hey KJ, this is a hard hitting documentary, how can this possibly hurt Gingrich more?)  It paints Romney as this greedy capitalist who killed jobs and made a lot of money in the process- regardless of how true this may be it will never sit well with Republican voters because it seems to be pandering to the Occupy Movement with it's main focus being on the rich getting richer and being evil. It oozes what those on the Right would deem "Class-Warfare" and they hate it. Honestly, (sans exploiting the visual of a kid crying because Mitt Romney bankrupted his favorite Toy Store, and the exclusively white interviewees) I could see the DNC running an ad or a few ads similar to this in a general election against Romney. I honestly have no clue what the people Winning Our Future were thinking when they released this. It's the primaries, you're trying to appeal to other Republicans, it's looks really weird to them when out one corner of your mouth you're defending the system then out of the other you're crying about the rich becoming richer while the middle class is shrinking. It's weird and things like this don't generally sit well with GOP voters because honestly when it comes down to it Romney was just doing his job and clearly was very good at it.
    Why should he care about people who work in a Washing Machine plant 2000 miles away when his corporation's basic job is to buy and sell assets. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending Mitt by any means but seriously it isn't completely his fault that tens of thousands of  people lost their jobs and that Bain just about completely destroyed a few small towns by shipping jobs to China. It's the system that encourages these things which (with the exception of maybe Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul) is a fact that most politicians in general will never admit, let alone would they ever do something about because the majority of them (like Romney)  profit heavily from the radically broken system. In other words, don't hate the player hate the game. ALL HAIL KING ROMNEY! (Seriously, is there any doubt he'll win the nomination?)

Man it's been awhile.

 Sorry about that, life's been a bit- hectic to say the least. I'm trying.