Wednesday, January 11, 2012

King of Bain. Does It Hurt Romney?


    You know I've noticed something over the course of this GOP primary race ("The March of The Trolls" to borrow a phrase). I'm sure a lot of Right Wingers have the same feelings I do about Mitt Romney- somewhat. You see, I feel that the Mainstream Media wants to make sure Romney wins but I'm not even going to speculate a reason why they want him to become the nominee. But when you think about it, just about everyone who seemingly dethrones the King of Bain from his front runner position is quickly choke-slammed by the corporate media ("Rick Santorum's Communist Clan") while they watch their once surging poll numbers fall . Outside of a few Ron Paul fans on the internet and ads running on television in primary voting states Mitt seems to get just about no real negative press aside from "some Republicans consider him a flip-flopper"(Burn).
   The media loves to paint him as this generic Republican who's time has come. The one you need to vote for because your other options are supposedly terrible and you want to defeat Obama. It also seems that most ads attacking Romney fail. Hell check out this 'documentary' about Mitt's time as CEO of Bain Capital paid for by Newt Gingrich's Winning Our Future PAC.
The trailer:

    Oh man, what can I say about this 28 minute hit piece against Mitt Romney? Well it fails on so many levels (Mitt Romney's on video speaking terrible French therefore he is un-American?) and if anything it hurts Newt a lot more than Romney. You might be thinking (Hey KJ, this is a hard hitting documentary, how can this possibly hurt Gingrich more?)  It paints Romney as this greedy capitalist who killed jobs and made a lot of money in the process- regardless of how true this may be it will never sit well with Republican voters because it seems to be pandering to the Occupy Movement with it's main focus being on the rich getting richer and being evil. It oozes what those on the Right would deem "Class-Warfare" and they hate it. Honestly, (sans exploiting the visual of a kid crying because Mitt Romney bankrupted his favorite Toy Store, and the exclusively white interviewees) I could see the DNC running an ad or a few ads similar to this in a general election against Romney. I honestly have no clue what the people Winning Our Future were thinking when they released this. It's the primaries, you're trying to appeal to other Republicans, it's looks really weird to them when out one corner of your mouth you're defending the system then out of the other you're crying about the rich becoming richer while the middle class is shrinking. It's weird and things like this don't generally sit well with GOP voters because honestly when it comes down to it Romney was just doing his job and clearly was very good at it.
    Why should he care about people who work in a Washing Machine plant 2000 miles away when his corporation's basic job is to buy and sell assets. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending Mitt by any means but seriously it isn't completely his fault that tens of thousands of  people lost their jobs and that Bain just about completely destroyed a few small towns by shipping jobs to China. It's the system that encourages these things which (with the exception of maybe Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul) is a fact that most politicians in general will never admit, let alone would they ever do something about because the majority of them (like Romney)  profit heavily from the radically broken system. In other words, don't hate the player hate the game. ALL HAIL KING ROMNEY! (Seriously, is there any doubt he'll win the nomination?)

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