Monday, January 30, 2012

Ron Paul

The Doctor
  Honesty, this isn't the post I had planned. I was writing about this guy and there was so much I got into that it stopped looking like a blog post and started looking more like an extensive character study. Given how horrible my style is I doubt anyone would want to take a good half hour out of their day to read all of it. I decided to try to be as brief as possible. I seemed to be asked "What do you think of Ron Paul?" a lot. Given the fact that most people choose to ask that between the hours of 1 and 4 in the morning I never really felt I could clearly elaborate my thoughts on Dr. Paul. Firstly, Ron Paul is running for President but he knows he'll probably never hold that office. The Doctor's campaigns are more about spreading his Libertarian ideals and being the voice of a wing of the Republican party often times is ignored by the establishment. Being the Liberal that I am his anti-police state, anti-war views actually tend to be a breath of fresh air after Santorum's support for committing acts of terror in Iran and Mitten's imperialism. (The less I say about Newt the better.)

  Ron Paul does have a lot of things I don't agree with, the biggest being "States Rights". Now it could be said that States know about the issues they face and are closer to those issues than D.C can be. I get that and sometimes it does make sense, what doesn't make sense is getting rid of every amendment after the 10th, allowing states to print their own currency and hoping that they find it too outdated to reinstate slavery. Ok maybe those are extremes but, hey the free market will decide. I feel don't really know enough about economics to talk about this, but from everything I've seen in regards to the Fed, it does seem like we need a central bank but the agency does need more oversight and shouldn't be a private run entity. But some would argue "everything the Fed does can be taken over by the Treasury therefore it should be terminated" and actually I should probably look more into it before I choose whether to be on the "END THE FED!" side. 

  In the end Ron Paul knows he's not going to be President and as stated his campaigns aren't really about the man it's the message and that may make him the most honest guy to run for this office- ever. He has core beliefs and I respect him for having the courage to expel views, (even those views of which he has that I don't agree with.) on the world stage despite being ignored and called all types of crazy by the MSM This along with the fact that his stances on most things have been largely consistent his entire political career is what resonates with a lot of people and leads to Paul having an almost cult-like following. His fans are relentless and since I don't want to invoke the wrath of the thousand Paulites I will not get into the newsletters and I'll just wrap it up by saying, RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL. 

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