Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KJ on Trayvon Martin, Media "bias" and downright stupidity.

  I started following this tragedy a little before the national news really picked up on it. I'm not quite sure how to feel about the increased attention this case has received for the last weeks. On one hand the public outrage is great, it's nice to see racial injustice (a real issue) take center stage in the media. On the other hand (which is bloody from punching it against the wall), there's bullshit like "Did Zimmerman call Trayvon Martin a "fucking coon"(spoiler: it doesn't sound like anything, it sounds like someone rubbing a phone against their pocket.) Bullshit picture controversy #1, #2 and #3"OMG OBAMA SAID WHAT!?" Ignorance, missing the point, ("How dare he point out that he's Black! Think of all the White kids."). That's just the icing on the cake though.

  Now just about anything on Fox news is bound to be quite rage inducing. For those who didn't catch the beginning the first Anchor, Greg whatever his name is, slips and says Trayvon Martin was "allegedly" killed- no idea how that works, did he pull a Tupac? Let me come right out and say it, I don't think White news anchors should cover stories involving White people. I don't think mothers should covered stories about missing children, I don't think former soldiers should cover war stories. I definitely don't think people who worked at Goldman Sachs should be allowed to cover Occupy Wall Street. I don't think Oil companies should be allowed to buy ads on major news networks, there might be a conflict of interest, a little bias maybe. If you don't know where I'm going with that, in Liz Trotta's piece she basically says Black news anchors shouldn't cover stories involving other Black people who happened to be mistreated because they have a bias being Black and all. Then they go on a tirade about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson not addressing Black-on-Black crime which is false and praise the racist Pat Buchanan (how the hell does this dude still have a job?) because "that's just the world we live in". A world were a 17 yearold Black kid is stalked and killed for nothing more than being a Black teenager in a hoody in "the wrong neighborhood".

  The racial and political elements aside, someone's son, grandson, brother, cousin, nephew was shot dead for no reason what-soever and his killer is free. His killer who disregarded police instructions and followed Trayvon, instigated a confrontation with him and killed him. I see all this victim blaming and it makes me sick to my stomach, ("Was Trayvon Martin a drug dealer"). How about this, next time a White teen goes missing in Aruba let's talk about how much of a party girl she might have been, how much coke she could have did. This is where the racial thing comes into play, if Trayvon looked more like Newt Gingrich than Obama the stand your ground law in Florida wouldn't exist by now. You wouldn't see the victim blaming from the defensive neocons on T.V crying because their "Racism ended in 1950" bubble burst. Everyone would see it for what it is, a dead kid and a horrible law that probably shouldn't apply here anyway since there's no ambiguity, Zimmerman stalked this kid. He lost his rights the second he engaged Trayvon Martin. Now where the hell does the politics come in? How did this story get partisan? That deserves a second post.

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