Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Politics Of The Trayvon Martin Case.

Lol, Republicans are quite disgusting aren't they.

  Firstly so that there's no misconceptions, I'm not a Democrat and I never intend to become a Democrat (Do I look like Van Jones ma fucka?), it just so happens that on 9 out of 10 issues me and your average Democratic voter would probably agree. Which brings us to how Trayvon Martin's death got so polarizing. If you had my views on race relations on a page and showed them to your average republican, they'd call me racist. Not because I think 'X' people are inferior but rather because I acknowledge that there is an issue. For some reason that totally escapes me to the Right, pointing that out racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia exists makes you the racist, sexist, bigot, class warfarist (That's not a word KJ). I hate how whenever (Lets just call them..) Non-General/White issues are brought up, regardless of the subject matter,  you always get a few disgruntled White people who take offense to that fact that race was brought up in the first place. It really makes me sad. I can't believe that as mixed as America is, instead of embracing our differences and working together to fix the flaws of one another's culture while not infringing on said culture, the Right wants to act as if we're all the same and we aren't.

  You may be wondering "what purpose does it serve the Right to deny Racism?" It's really quite simple, if you follow these type of things.(Oh you mean if you're studying sociology?) You see, since around let's say 1983 when Ronald Reagan made MLK day an official federal holiday (He had no choice and was actually against it.), Republicans became aware overt racism wasn't exactly good politics so instead they used subtle racism and a form of misdirection. Now don't get me wrong it was introduced during Nixon but perfected by the era of Reagan. The reason I decided to start with the birth of MLK day is because this is appears to be going on today with the likes of President Obama mostly and Trayvon Martin by pure circumstance. In 1983 2 Republican Senators from North Carolina opposed making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday. I'm not going to call them bad names because one died in 2008 and the other killed himself in 1986, out of respect for the dead I have to pass on the insults.(See I'm becoming a better person.) I'm just going to stick to history.

  In 1983 these two gentlemen from North Carolina couldn't just say "We don't want a Nigger holiday!"(which apparently was discussed behind closed doors.) So instead they provide 300 pages of "proof" Martian Luther King Jr was a "Marxist","Communist" and so on. It was really quite genius, they didn't call him the N-word and if you accused them of Racism they could say "We aren't racists, why do you think that? Oh you see his skin color? HAHAHA Who's the racist again!?" It's really amazing to me how some on the Right have been able to internalize this to the point where they can't see how calling Barack Obama a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, is rooted in racism. I'm not talking about fringe lunatics, there are some seemingly educated Right wingers who do this perfectly for who knows why. People like Newt Gingrich, who can use the most despicable, racist buzz terms and then bitch and moan constantly when someone calls them out on it.

 The Reason Trayvon is being used political is largely due to the Racism the GOP doesn't want to acknowledge exists. They can't comprehend cases like Sean Bell, they don't get the outrage over Troy Davis, they can't comprehend what's wrong with stop and frisks in New York, or Project Exile, they don't want to deal with profiling. It isn't an issue for them because this is America, they want to believe we're all equal and we aren't. We're all created equal but when it comes to how we're treated, that's a different story entirely.

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